5 Things To Live By And Make This Libra Season Worth It

by Conscious Reminder

Since Libra is all about maintaining a fine balance, we will find this season pushing us towards harmony. One can’t simply expect a Libra to get on with their lives without observing the imbalance that is present all around.

Somehow this imbalance affects us, almost personally. We want to keep off with the hard work that we put up and simply enjoy things as we ought to by the end of this season. It’s a special time for Librans and we know it.

Since Libra is one of the cardinal signs, it heralds something new. It brings about a new season – Autumn. The Fall is quite spiritual and marks transformation.

So why not experience the new beginning that it is bringing forth? It might be great if you start something new. Who knows, you might find something worth it and would like to start from scratch?

These are the 5 top predictions for this season:

1. Rule of love

This zodiac should only be about love, and honestly, we need it. So, why not just embrace all the love that is coming through, and experience it as it should be experienced? Wouldn’t it be great to add a bit of love in ourselves and the world around us?

2. Difficult decisions

Libra is the zodiac meant for balance. So more often than not, we are indecisive. But it is better to think than making decisions that do not work. Take your time and ponder everything. Only then should you go ahead and decide.

3. Aesthetics of beauty

Libras like beauty- there is nothing you can do about it. We like to be surrounded by it, take pride in it, and love music and the various art forms. And this month is going to bring that out, so why not take a walk down nature? Or maybe an art museum?

4. Say Yes

Saying no is comfortable, we know. But why not try to get out of your comfort zone and experience something new and wild. It might bring about a welcome change in your life. Don’t just follow the same monotony and drudgery of life. Mix and match, who knows who you meet at the end of this risk?

5. Get Rid of the old

This is the time for new beginnings, so get ready to dispose of all that prevented you from going ahead. Start afresh. Start new. Let the past stay in the past. Get up and move on.

This does feel really cool, doesn’t it? You will come under a new radar but this one would be better than the previous one. Don’t worry – just embrace it.

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