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Liberating New Moon In Libra Rises September 28th: Give Maturity A Voice

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by Conscious Reminder

This New Moon on 28th September will make all your emotions wild. But it is also essential for you. How?

Well, let’s go back to your childhood- what did you do when you were not given your favorite toy? What did you do when you were hungry and there was no food? You threw a tantrum, right? Y

ou bawled, you screamed, you rambled, hoping someone would make some sense of your gibberish.

And then you grew up. As an adult, all of it looks so foolish.

The Adult Child

Now, when you want something, what do you do? You speak up. You voice out your opinion, and you see to it that you get that. This is simply a tribute to the child inside you who still clamors for things. You think you owe it. Precisely why you are not afraid to tell people what you want.

But when someone goes against your perspective, your mindset, your ideologies, despite your repeated explanation, anger rules your mind. You might think later that the anger was unwarranted, and it probably was. But at that moment, you wanted to shake that person and try expressing yourself even more clearly.

This ongoing tussle affects your peace of mind. At a time when you could be lazing around, you have to keep thinking about someone’s differing opinions. And this comes out in the New Moon. It shows you the path get out of dysfunctional relationships.

When we get more balanced, this comes naturally to us.

Finding Justice

Remember, that balance and justice are all about listening to both sides of the coin. If you have a biased sense of justice, it means you are expecting other people to sacrifice themselves and their opinions for you. For once, don’t put yourself as a priority.

And the only way to do so would be to get psychologically mature. This season will persuade us to taste the forbidden fruits of the zodiac wheel. Once we take the trip down the Underworld, we would know where to go and what to do next. The six signs of the Underworld are starting with Libra.

If you don’t mature up fast, you would be the one creating wars without your knowledge. And that wouldn’t be of much use to you. For if you don’t place accountability on yourself, people around you definitely will. You can’t expect people to just bend over to your whims and antics. Listen to your conscience. It won’t lead you astray.

Choices definitely have consequences. When you consult the Tarot Card designed for Justice, you will learn how to make better decisions that will better serve your purpose. There is no point in creating rifts, especially by making bad decisions. This Libra transit, justice will be on your side.


But there are problems, of course. When you think about someone or something to this extent, you realize that you can’t make any decision. You will be suffering from anxiety, indigestion, nervousness etc. In the end, you will be harming yourself because you don’t want to hurt others. While that is admirable, it will simply harm you later.

Here, we simply have to let go of the duality of the mind, and bring out what we think to be the right answer. Like the sword in the symbol of justice, you have to traverse the rational mind, and get out correct answers through your intuition.

It is time the demanding child be shut, and true intuition to flow through.

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