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Mercury In Scorpio October 3rd: Don’t Let Curiosity Affect Your Relationships

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Mercury is going to enter the water sign – Scorpio. Scorpio is full of passion while Mercury controls our communication and how we think.

So, when Mercury enters the zone of Scorpio, it adds serious soul-seeking questions into our thought processes. It starts to make us think where our life might be going right now.

When Mercury is in Scorpio, materialistic ideas and conversations take a dive into oblivion. Now, we look inwards and start to talk about deep stuff.

During this period, it is all about finding depth within and engaging in intimate conversation. We will be talking about finances, mortality and eternal relationships.

Scorpio likes to live in the darkness. As a water sign, it is full of emotions, but Scorpio likes to keep it hidden. It stays in the realm of secrets. It asks questions and seeks out genuine answers for it.

Scorpios are known to be very curious about life as a whole. They are not satisfied with what they find on the surface. They will dig deeper until they unravel the real truth about something.

They know that there is a lot more happening behind the surface – behind the veil of something – in secret. The hidden meaning behind things interests them. They are always out there trying to discover it.

However, when Mercury enters this zone, it startles Scorpio a little it. Mercury starts to shed light on these dark recesses. It reveals our darkest desires and makes our fears come alive. It shows us how we can impact the world around us and the world within.

Plus, it gives a spark of intimacy as well. People start to realize that being materialistic is not the way to be intimate – you have to go deeper into your conversations and discuss controversial subjects. Disagreeing is fine – but you have to talk first.

However, when Mercury is in Scorpio, it also brings the skeptic in all of us. The thing is, when we are searching for the truth, what we are doing is not accepting what might actually be the truth.

We negate the answers and remain too doubtful about it. It is a negative way of thinking in which through negation, we want positive results. Our mind grows a little too suspicious. The problem with trying to create this forced depth is that we might push people away.

There are people who would like to keep their secrets and that’s ok. However, when you keep pushing them, they might start mistrusting you. Not every situation requires an interrogation. Sometimes, you just have to be satisfied with what you are told.

Try to find the balance between forced probing and reasonable questioning during this period. That way you can create positive intimacy between people.

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