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Reiki Will Program You To Keep A Clear Mind And A Positive Thought

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by Conscious Reminder

Reiki – when you engage with this ancient Japanese healing technique, you will feel more enlightened about everything around you. The potential of Reiki is endless.

It brings about a feeling of completeness in your emotional, mental and physical state. When we try to master our lives, we are also taking a path to unlock the divine connection with our spiritual side.

Our actions determine the general output that we deliver. On the basis of that output, we get back a reward. Reiki clears our vibrational energy, amplifies positive vibrations and brings us closer to the truth of abundance.

For your own well-being, it is important to develop a healthy mind. Reiki is all about bringing health back to your life. When you engage in Reiki, you will see the positivity all around you. A healthy mind is a positive mind.

You will feel the cosmic energy of positivity flowing through you as you try to attain the greatest good. There are Reiki masters who conduct Reiki sessions. One Reiki session can help you release all negative energy from your body and engage with your positive side.

You will start believing that a positive future is coming and is right around the corner. It will show itself soon enough. All you have to do is love yourself and reach out for your highest self. Touch the sky and find what is beautiful in everything.

The Divine Truth

Reiki helps in cleansing the energy levels within you. When we are born, we are closer to the truth than ever. We are in the knowing. But as we grow up, we accumulate a lot of negative energy.

The more negative energy we acquire, the farther we drift from the truth. However, with Reiki, it is possible for us to return to the truth. Reiki helps us to cleanse our energy levels and re-align ourselves to the highest truth.

It is about finding the magic within us and activating it. Reiki can make you feel like miracles are taking place and you are the miracle on this planet.

Centering Ourselves

At level 1 of a Reiki session, you will start understanding how Reiki can be considered as a lifestyle. It is not just lifestyle though. But at the first level taking it as a lifestyle choice will do you a lot of good.

In the morning, we will start practicing Reiki and engage in receiving daily attunements. This will help positive energy to enter our lives. Once the energy starts to enter our lives, we will feel our frequency changing – rising up.

Slowly, we will find our true principles, become grounded in them and let the light of Reiki shower down on them. They become a part of us.

Some of the Reiki principles are:

• I won’t worry about today

• I won’t be angry today

• I will honor my elders, my teachers and parents

• I will live with honesty

• I will be grateful for everything.


Reiki calls us to be grateful for everything present in our lives. It is an extreme form of gratefulness – we have to be grateful to breathe, to drink the one drop of water to quench our thirst and the people around us. This attitude elevates our vibrational level. It makes us more positive about life.

Complaining and dwelling on the past is not going to serve us in the long-run. Reiki is about creating the new – about giving up on doubts and being bathed by comforting light.

Reiki is energy medicine – use it to walk into the light.

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