10 Meanings Of 11:11 Through The Lens Of Spiritualism & Esotericism

by Conscious Reminder

Throughout the world, 11:11 keeps appearing and most people are confused about it because they aren’t aware of synchronicity and the many meanings attributed to 11:11.

People across ages and cultures have seen the numbers recur everyday so what does this portend for them?

While each person’s personal interpretation of these numbers is what really matters to them, there are some common meanings attached that may make sense when added to these personal interpretations.

1. Becoming Aware

When you start seeing these numbers, the first step is to always take note of your activities and your thoughts at the time of their appearance. Also pay attention to where you are and what is happening around you. Was there music playing at the time? Did the sun’s rays fall in a particular pattern before you? These numbers indicate that you are receiving a blessing but first you must become aware of them.

2. Doorway To Other Realms

We live in three dimensional worlds and 11:11 could very well mean that a portal is opening between those and the five dimensional words. It could also be a gate between your body on this planet to the self in the cosmos. This is a sign that the veils are thinning and it is time for you to seek unity with the cosmos and let go of this dual existence.

3. Awakening DNA

The most powerful computer on this planet is the human brain and it is no surprise that the brain also functions like one. For instance, the brain communicates in binary code and 11:11 happens to be the code which can stimulate any DNA within you that is not already active.

4. Broadening Perspectives

Thought this may seem very easy to grasp, there are multiple theories hidden within this one. When 11:11 awakens the dormant DNA in your body it also stimulates your subconscious, forcing it to broaden your perspective and making it look for memories of why 11:11 is so important to you in the first place.

4. Upgrading DNA

11:11 also represents the twin DNA strands. It is likely that the recurrence of these two numbers is an indication of your DNA being upgraded or activated.

5. Angels, Spirits, And Everything In Between

A number of spiritual and otherworldly beings can be summoned using 11:11. This includes beings that are both angel and human, your own guardian angel, and any spirits that you might be looking for to get guidance.

6. Finding The Right Balance

If you’re seeing 11:11 repeatedly, it could mean that you are slowly regaining balance in your life. It may also be a confirmation that you have become perfectly balanced.

7. Fibonacci Sequence

The sequence begins with the number 1, 1. Its strong connections to the golden ratio and to sacred geometry could indicate that a time is coming when all that you think is real will change. Life will never be the same again.

8. Connection To The Universe

Your bond with the rest of the Universe will grow stronger every time you notice these numbers occurring around you. The same can be said for everyone who goes through this period in life. You will now gain a better understanding of the oneness of humanity and all other creatures with the universe.

9. Numerological Significance

One of the Master Numbers in numerology, 11 is supposed to symbolize extreme idealistic visions, intuitive skills, epiphanies, creativity, androgyny, popularity and sophistication. It is important you find a rational partner to work with so that you can reach your full potential.

10. Enlightenment

The recurrence of 11:11 in your life could also indicate that the time for your enlightenment is near. Usually people who are set on their spiritual path are the ones who see the numbers.

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  1. In the number 11… 1 is a reflection of 1… You don’t need to seek enlightenment outside of yourself, because you are already That! Being That which you have; always been, are now, and will always Be! Open from within and Be… Namaste…


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