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The Taurus Full Moon Is One Of The Best This Year — Find The Closure You Were Looking For

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by Conscious Reminder

On 12th November, the Full Moon will be in Taurus and it will be a lucky one. It is after a long time that such a Full Moon will come into effect and so, you better be prepared to accept it with open arms.

There are many cosmic alliances that are going to take place in 2020 and the Full Moon is prepping us for it. Are you ready to upgrade your life?

This year is about setting boundaries. You know that your actions affect others and the world around you. It’s time to take a bit of accountability. Hard work will be a major theme during this period.

So, work hard and open your heart to receive the lunar energy. Full Moons, in general, signify an end of a specific cycle. The Taurus Full Moon is bringing that closure that we wanted since the start of this year.

We have many loose ends – many issues hanging – the Taurus Full Moon comes to bring an end to them. The energy will guide us on the right path. It’s time for us to accept the guidance, take action and change our direction to get down the right route.

Abundance is in the air, especially in our finances. The vibrations will be high so, tap into your abundant side. Ask for an increment, get alternative income sources or make a budget to lower your unnecessary income.

Save more. If there are unexpected expenses, don’t bother yourself too much. Think of it as a currency that needs to flow out for more to come in. During this abundance, focus on gratitude as well.

Be thankful for what you have. You might feel challenges at first in being thankful. But try to browse through all the events of the year and find out a thing to be thankful about. Celebrations of abundance are in the air during this period.

Taurus is represented by a Bull which means focus, stability, and strength. The Bull tries to manifest its inner determination through action to bring actual rewards. Hard work is intrinsic in the energy of The Bull.

However, there is a material part of it. As the Bull engages in hard work, it wishes to get back material rewards. So, at the base vibrational level, the energy of the Taurus Full Moon can pull you towards material gains.

But as you move up the vibrational level, you leave materialism behind and gain a spiritual transcendence. You can finally look for elements within yourself and not seek for it outside. The Full Moon in Taurus tries to bring that journey of the self within ourselves to full closure.

If you are obsessed with the world of materials, maybe it is time to change your thinking and choose a different path to go. The Full Moon will want you to leave the information of the five senses and go beyond it.

Remember, materialism does not get you too far. Your bank account or your phone is not what you are worth. There is more to you than just placing value on external items.

Affirm to yourself that you are worth it and that you lead a wonderful life. Stop comparing your life with the life of others.

Stop judging your body by comparing it with another. Attend to your inner side and find answers within. Know that it is you who compare and bring negativity within you.

The Full Moon in Taurus is all about stopping such comparisons and finding the closure we all need and seek. It is abundance itself. So, engage in self-care and keep your expenses in check.

Let the Taurus Full Moon ground you within yourself.

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