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When someone says that we’ve changed, we tend to retaliate. But are we really the same self as we were, say 10 years ago?

Not really. Extreme changes occur every 7 years in both the outer and inner worlds of every human. These changes have an effect on our personality.

The changes happening in the Universe, the celestial bodies, for example, affect us too. These results are quite different than the personal energy changes though. Because being personal, these energy shifts affect us more strongly.

There is a 7-year cycle which can be further broken down. The first 7-year cycle, for example, will have totally different challenges from the third cycle.

One has to learn to overcome all the hurdles of the particular stage they’re in. This feeling of being able to successfully go through all trials increases our self-confidence.

If someone can live till the age of 84 or beyond, they will see the full benefits of all the 7-year cycles they have gone through. This is because they have mastered all the shifts now.

This might sound weird and not relatable to you right now. As you grow old, you will see how these shifts have guided you through this course. All these shifts do is align us with our soul’s higher purpose.

So know that whatever problems you’re encountering in your current 7-year cycle are necessary. It is crucial for your spiritual journey and to lead you to the final destination.

No creature is born free from death. Everything is born out of a living seed. We humans too are born out of the seed which lay in our mother’s womb.

This seed is as old as humankind itself and thus we carry the old wisdom and memories in us. We aren’t just what we look like; rather we are also what lies beneath, our primitive self.

The 7-year cycle shifts are divided into 12 portions, excluding the last master level. It is quite obvious that not all of us will live up to the very last level.

So, those people who get to live till that level should be grateful for getting the rare opportunity.

In this world of struggles and fears, not everyone is capable of persisting strongly and achieving their ultimate goal.

Just listen to your inner voice and see where these 7-years cycles will take you. In the end, all the struggles will be worth it!

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