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Thanksgiving Is The Perfect Time To Be Grateful For What You Have And What You Don’t

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Thanksgiving is the period of the year when we pay our gratitude for the blessings we receive throughout the year, together with our family, loved ones and friends.

It’s the perfect time to set some intentions in new and meaningful ways, as well as enjoy the abundance which already exists in our life. 

On this day, we actually celebrate the thing of receiving and giving, with some new gratefulness for the everlasting round of plentitude.

When feeling, as well as expressing gratitude, we are also honoring, emanating and magnetizing it. In some wonderful manner, our appreciation is going to be the assertion of our life, source, and creation. 

Practicing thankfulness is going to permit us to let in some positive emotions and thoughts, which are going to make us healthier and happier too.

Thankfulness also changes the rhythm of our heart making it faster than some other different positive feeling or reaction, and when vibrating with such energy, we are also going to affect the ones that surround us.

Such positive emotions and feelings are going to become positive results and actions too. Then, our body is going to radiate with thankfulness, and it will grow with gratitude – every instance of acknowledgment, prayer, heartfelt instance, or original praise is going to make a specific difference, raise vibrations, as well as release a lot of shining light on us.

At this Thanksgiving, being with your family, loved ones and friends, in those traditions of choosing, we will motivate you to assert the gratitude with some words, because words with some intention will literally come to be some form which is going to change this world.

We will also motivate you to give some unusual compassion, a hand which will help others, or a meal cooked at home with some authentic acceptance. Also, acceptance goes further on the offerings; it usually becomes the affirmation of our connection with each other and our innate value.

You should be grateful for the song you hear in the morning, sang by birds, and for the cream that someone put in the coffee you drink.

Be grateful for a not expected smile given by a stranger, for the roof that you have over the head, or for the capacity of reading this, or even for the love you have in life.

When fully receiving all those gifts and all that beauty is surrounding you, life is going to give you a lot more of such things.

Being in Thanksgiving’s spirit, you should open to the whole Universe with opening the gates of abundance and gratitude. Every particular thing, from your fingernail’s designs to the connection with other people will come from a limitless love for the source.

We wish you to have a wonderful holiday with your friends and family, surrounded by all those that you appreciate and love, and with foods that nourish your spirit and body.

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