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The Last Full Moon Of The Decade Is In Gemini And May Show Us The Duality Of Things

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by Conscious Reminder

The last Full Moon of the decade is almost here! Not just the last of the decade but also the last one before the Eclipse Season starts.

This Full Moon will be rising in the sign of Gemini on the 11th/12th of December, 2019. The impact of the Twins will be felt strongly as things start unfolding now in pairs.

But apart from the duality, there will an atmosphere where we will be asked to let go of heavy burdens. Think of the issues you were dealing with during the Eclipse in July.

Those same issues will make a comeback and you have to decide how to deal with them. You will find all the necessary information now. This will help you either resolve the issues or let go of them.

This month will be quite taxing on us. With the holiday season, we have personal commitments, people to meet, financial worries, and mostly end up exhausted after each tiring day.

The Moon is here to remind us to take rest when necessary. Take time out to think of the things you no longer wish to carry into the new year. And the things you do wish to carry forward.

Set your intentions for 2020. Write your wishes on paper and burn it. The Gemini Moon’s light will amplify the vibrations and get things rolling.

The Full Moon’s energy can now be used to heal ourselves. Rest, and restore your energies for the coming months. They will be intense so save up your energy.

Healing is on the cards with Chiron turning direct after a 6-month Retrograde. This asteroid is associated with healing and the Moon’s energy only adds to it. So schedule that long-pending health check-up or go for a relaxing spa day.

Not just physical, even if you feel like you need emotional support, the Gemini Moon will encourage you to reach out to your close ones. You can even try new ways of exercising or revamping your diet. Shake things up!

With Venus being quite active during this Moon, the focus will also be on finances and relationships. Venus will be forming a triple conjunction, being situated between Pluto and Saturn. If you have been unsure about or struggling with a romantic relationship, these planets and the Moon will guide you in the right direction now.

If you feel pressurized by your friends or family, remember that it is ultimately your decision to make. You can even ask for help from others because that’s what Gemini prompts.

Holidays can also be stressful for some. Often family members tend to trigger us negatively so it is in your best concern to avoid any known triggers during this Full Moon. Emotions will be overwhelming under the Moon anyway so avoid all unnecessary problems. Self-preservation comes first.

The Gemini Moon also might shine its light on previously unknown information. Some things are better out in the open, right? So, even if this new bit of information is shocking, trust your guts and take time to process it all.

Think before you leap now. If you are not absolutely sure about how to act, don’t. Wait till you have access to further information before making any decisions.

Finances are on everyone’s mind come the holiday season. But with Venus’ presence and the Gemini Moon’s influence, this is a good time to take stock of your finances. Just before the Full Moon rises, take some time to create a budget and organize your account.

Focus on saving money from the new year. While you may have the urge to indulge now, control yourself. Remember your long term financial goals. Think of how you can save now to attain those goals.

But the Moon is also going to bring abundance in our lives. You could be the one receiving abundance or the one sharing the gifts. This is a good time to donate: in cash or kind.

With the Twins in place, this Moon is a good time to balance the energies. When you give, you open new opportunities for receiving which will again lead to giving out more. Keep the circle active!

Overall, the Gemini Moon will be bringing mostly good vibes. The last Full Moon of the year and the decade will offer us some respite and time to relax.

The year has been hectic so take this time to sit back and take stock of all that has happened. They will indicate how the coming year will be. Embrace new opportunities, let go of things that weigh you down, and focus on your intentions. They will be fulfilled.

Enjoy the Gemini Full Moon and let go of your worries!

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