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Today Is January 1st (1:1), The First Energetically Strong Day Of The Year

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by Conscious Reminder

Since it’s the first day of the first month of the New Year, the number we are to focus on is 11 or 1:1. In numerology, 11 is a master number and it has a unique powerful vibration to it.

What Does Number 11 Signify?

According to numerologists, 11 is the number of spiritual awakenings. It has the power to lead one to the divine world. If you keep seeing the number 11 wherever you go, then that means your guardian angels are trying to contact you. You are receiving vibrations of a higher frequency at this time.

The number 11 stands for enlightenment and transformation. It is also believed to be a point of balance between the masculine and the feminine energies. The physical realm and the spirit realm are placed in a harmonizing ground by the number 11. 

Although the effect of the number 11 will be felt throughout the year, especially during heightened dates like the 1st and 11th of January and November. They will have the highest energy of the master number 11 and you will feel its vibration within and around you.

What Effect Does The Number 11 Have On Us?

If you think that numbers cannot affect you, you should think again. This whole cosmos is based on the vibrations of different numbers. They are responsible for the creation of life on Earth.

The famous mathematician Pythagoras was also aware of the importance of numbers. He was a philosopher who held the belief that things are nothing but numbers.

Numerology came into existence as people realized the order of the Universe. As they understood this, they began unlocking the mysteries of life.

Nikola Tesla had recognized the magic in 3, 6 and 9. He believed these 3 numbers to be the key to the whole universe. 

Thus every number has its own potential power to bring changes in the Universe. Numerologists started with the number 1 and went on till number 9, studying their vibrations closely. While the number 1 represents the beginning, the number 9 symbolizes the end.

What’s With The Numbers With More Than Single Digit?

Numbers having more than one digit are special as they combine the powers of two digits. So the number 11 has two times the power of the special number 1. Thus, making it more effective than number 1.

The number 11 is not only about beginning something. It also means that you’re taking it to another level which is higher than its earlier position. 

You can use the dates with the vibration of the number 11 to align your consciousness with the higher consciousness. You can visualize your dreams and make them come true.

Meditation Will Help You

Having a calm mind and being able to tune in to the vibration of the number 11 will help you manifest your dreams quickly. Make sure to use the dates like the 1st and 11th of January and November to raise your own vibrations. 

Meditate regularly but especially on these special days. Visualize yourself as being one with the higher consciousness. Contacting your spirit angels and guides can also be of great help. It will make you feel loved and supported. Visualize the things you desire and set clear intentions. You’ll see the pieces magically falling into their places by themselves. 

Globally, the number 11 will awaken people spiritually. It will compel us to ponder over our actions and making our world better than it is now. 

So open your arms and embrace the energies of the number 11. The 11111 gateway will prove to be a new gateway from January to November, which will cause great things to happen. So, be prepared.

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