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Spiritual Intimacy & Why It’s Spiritually The Purest Kind Of Intercourse

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

While the term itself brings to mind something that is quite out of the blue, the meaning is entirely different. Spiritual intercourse is a lot different from the mere act of sex, and we will tell you why.

Making love is a close act, we agree. But there are stages to it- and one such stage is spiritual intercourse- a stage where you and your partner are so close that you are entwined on a spiritual level.

To put it simply, spiritual intercourse means the unification of the souls, while the bodies are being united. Instead of simply pleasuring the body, we aim towards pleasuring the soul of our partner.

So, if you feel your life force, that is inside all of us, while engaging in the act of sex, know that you are practicing sexual intercourse.

When you engage in it, you are essentially borrowing energy from the person we are with. Now, energies can be both positive and negative.

Goes without saying- we need to engage in the act with someone who would provide us with positive energy, while you do the same as well.

To do it, you need to first know the person inside out. You can’t simply jump in bed and expect fireworks to take place. You need to understand the person and where they come from.

A suitable and proper connection is of the essence, where you are intimate with each other on a level much deeper than the surface.

You will know if your intimacy is up to the mark when you see your partner pleasuring you to the extent you want them to.

And since this is a two-way street, you need to do it too. But if there is something missing in your intimacy, you need to revive the connection.

Eye contact is necessary. The union has a tantric way of working, so you need to be looking into your partner’s eyes.

Relax your breathing and try to exchange your energies in the most pleasurable way possible. The end isn’t the main result here; you need to go through the means first.

Explore them, work with them, ensure that your partner is feeling the moment, and you are being in the moment. You need to feel connected throughout.

Needless to say, this form of union would leave you both fulfilled and satisfied with yourself, and each other.

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