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How Are Leap Day & Master Number 11 Connected

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by Conscious Reminder

Every 4 years we get to have one extra day, February 29th, also known as Leap Day.  This day holds special importance in numerology as it adds up to the Muster Number 11 (2+9).

Master Number 11

This number is known to be, probably, the most spiritual out of all the numbers. It can cast light on things that are otherwise invisible to us. 

Master Number 11 is the number of fate – very much associated with intuition, psychics, and clairvoyance.

Master number 11 is a bridge to the subconsciousness; it’s a sign that you need to develop your intuition and pay more attention do your gut feeling. The negative sides of the 11, connected to anxiety, stress, and shyness, are balanced out by the charisma and inspiration of the 2 (1+1=2).

However, because the number 11 carries the energy of stress and anxiety, it has to be focused on really specific goals. Its powers are immeasurable, but can also be self-destructive if it’s not channeled properly.

Being Born On The 29th

If you were born on the 29th of any month and year, you still carry the energy of 11. It shows your creativity and that you learn quickly. These are your natural gifts. Number 29 also makes you quite sensitive to your surroundings.

These people also admire beauty in all forms and like living harmoniously. But they also like being the center of attraction.

But even though they are emotional, they are excellent leaders. This is because they are polite, diplomatic, and they can be forceful when required.

You are kind, compassionate, and gentle with others. You will always do well unless you start perceiving others as your boss. You will get satisfaction and blessings by helping people.

Generally, people born on the 29th are late-bloomers. Your 20’s and 30’s will be spent learning new things and apprenticing them.

So, don’t get frustrated. Invest this time in yourself and you’ll reap the sweet fruits later in life. This is the time to be patient and keep working, the results will show very soon.

February 29th

February 29th, however, is an extremely special date as it comes only once in four years. Being born on this date is special itself. Its energy can help you and others to find the purpose of their life and also create deeper connections. We all should try and harness this Leap Day’s energies.

Do meditation, it will ground your emotions. It will help you not get overwhelmed by the energy of 11 and you’ll be able to channelize your energy in a better manner.

Take this opportunity and make the most of 29th February 2020.

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