The Lyrid Meteor Shower Will Perform A Beautiful Cosmic Display In The Night Sky Of 21st April


by Conscious Reminder

The Lyrid meteor shower is going to hit the peak on Thursday late night.

April 21st will bring the horde of meteorites in the sky, and it will flow into the near-dawn hours of the next day, Wednesday, 22nd April.

Don’t keep your expectations very high, though. It is not the greatest cosmic event of the year.

However, there is something to marvel at even then. You might be able to see many shooting stars popping out in the sky, which can send shivers down your spine.

Time to start wishing for something!

During this peak, you might be able to see 10-15 meteors. Generally, when the Lyrid meteor shower decorates the night sky, it can have 60-100 meteors each hour.

This time, we may not be that lucky.

The Lyrid shower can show a few bright fireballs, which light up the night sky. You might be able to see the peak on 20th April, Monday, where the early morning will color the sky. However, a better view can be witnessed on 22nd April on Wednesday night.

The sky at night will be quite dark when the Lyrid shower shows itself. The moon will be on its way to the New Moon phase within a day once the shower peaks.

If you look at the northeastern sky, you can see the Lyrids come out of the Lyra constellation. However, if you spot any dark area, you can get an amazing view.

The Lyrid meteor shower is one of the most ancient known showers. It was recorded 2,700 years ago by ancient China.

The source from which the Lyrid meteors emerge is the Comet Thatcher (C/1861 G1). Whenever we move into late April, our Earth goes through a debris stream leftover of the comet.

This comet leaves behind bits of it that enter our atmosphere and speed through at 110,000 miles per hour. In the atmosphere, they burn down when they are at about 100 km or 60 miles above the surface.

While the Lyrid meteor shower may not be as great as the other moments, it can remain as an outstanding view for all of us to enjoy and remember.

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