Tonight’s New Moon In Leo Will Put Your Confidence To The Test

by Conscious Reminder

The New Moon in Leo, which will be rising on 18th August, will bring with itself the energies of self-consciousness and self-doubt.

The last New Moon in Cancer brought some relief for us despite the turbulent summer. New Moons each month usually act as spiritual oases. But its reflective energy can also trigger our inner turmoils under the correct astrological influences.

August’s Leo New Moon is an example of such energy. As it rises in the self-assured sign of Leo, it will trigger us to go all out with self-inspection.

Turn Inwards With The Leo Moon

This headlining zodiac sign of Leo is extremely warm, generous, dramatic, yet dignified. This energy is amplified when a Full Moon rises under its influence, and the world turns into a stage to show off our talents.

Our inner diva gets a boost, and we seek the attention we truly deserve for our hard work. But when the New Moon rises in this sign, these feelings of desiring praise and seeking external validation turn on its head. We start scrutinizing ourselves as our self-awareness receives a boost.

It might seem like Leos are not too bothered about their reputation, but it is far from the truth. So the introspective energy of New Moons will only amplify such thoughts now.

You will be self-interrogating about what kind of message you send to others via your personal style, how you behave when others look up to you, what you bring to each conversation, and so on.

While self-inspection is a good thing to keep us level, don’t let the Moon’s energy under Leo sway you too much. First impressions go a long way on the road to success, but we are only human.

We can make mistakes, and that is okay at times. Perfection is good, but don’t make it the ultimate goal. It is not a requirement for success, as the Moon might try to tell you.

Focus On Growth

While this luminary might bring self-doubt, try to focus on inner growth now. If you find faults, figure out ways to improve yourself, instead of obsessing over the faults.

Don’t obsess over your past faults. Use the eve of the Leo New Moon to decide how you can evolve to give off better energy in the future. Think of how you want others to perceive you as, and work towards that goal.

It is human nature to get stuck over our shortcomings and keep ruminating over them. But remember that New Moons are all about starting a new cycle. A better cycle than the last one. When you understand where you fall short, you will find more ways to improve yourself.

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