Tips To Improve Your Sleep According To Chinese Medicine

by Conscious Reminder

Sleep is one of the most important necessities for human health. Sleep issues very often lead to critical illnesses.

As a result, it is crucial to address the problems faced during sleeping that will help in preventing those illnesses and cultivate a healthy and long life for every human. Various kinds of cultures across the world have their unique solutions to solve sleep problems.

Chinese medicine suggests that getting good rest means balancing the yin and the yang. In addition to this crucial balance, one must also achieve the maximum amount of feng shui through their inner space where the human body gets to sleep and rest to rejuvenate.

We have 9 tips to restore sleep:

1: Breathing Sequence Of 4-7-8 Before Sleeping

Humans are constantly afflicted with stress, overthinking, and confusing thoughts that are extremely yang in nature. This makes it very difficult to get proper sleep. In order to calm down your mind before going to bed, you must do a breathing exercise of 4-7-8 that will attract yin energy.

2: Early To Bed Solves Many Issues

The optimal yin hours are usually considered to be between 11 pm and 1 am throughout the duration of the day. This is the time when the energy is extremely peaceful and calm. If you go to sleep within the yin hours, you will most definitely be able to get perfect rest because you will discover compatibility with your biological clock that brings a healthy life.

3: A Cool Room With Suitable Lighting

Several sleep studies reveal that making the room dark just before your bedtime helps in reducing your melatonin production. Maintaining a temperature of 65-70 Fahrenheit is the most suitable for getting the ideal rest. You must invest in heavy and blackout curtains for the doors and windows of your bedroom that will keep your room dark and cool throughout your bedtime.

4: Acupuncture

Insomnia related issues can be resolved with acupuncture. It benefits by increasing the secretion of melatonin that induces the sleeping sensation within humans. However, be careful to get acupuncture with the correct medical precautions and means.

5: Correct Bed Positions

Fung Shui refers to the science and art of positioning and is based on the theory of yin and yang. In order to make the bedroom a perfect sanctuary for rest, you must create a perfect feng shui by means of placing the bed away from the door. This gives privacy and a sense of safety that is much-needed for a peaceful sleep.

6: Soothing Colors

Feng shui puts emphasis on the right choice of colors in your bedroom. Colors always influence your mood and energy and control your sleeping patterns.

7: Distance Mirrors And Photo Frames

Make sure to remove mirrors away from your bed because they reflect energy. In addition, keep all photo frames outside the bedroom which seems like a breach of privacy at times.

8: Remove TV Screens Or Computers

A bedroom is a safe haven and should not ideally have television sets or computers that bring muddled thoughts to the mind which adversely affect resting time.

9. Declutter Bedroom

The importance of your bedroom is obvious to your sleeping issues. So, unclutter your room by getting rid of unnecessary things that promote a feeling of distraction. Aim to keep your room as clean as possible to obtain mental clarity and get a restful period inside the space of the bedroom.

Despite the crazy workload and difficult professional life, proper sleep can solve many issues without your knowledge. So take the right measures to get rest whenever you can.

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