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How To Keep Your Heart Safe And Love Unconditionally Again

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by Conscious Reminder

One of the deepest desires of mankind is to give and receive love. On the other hand, we all fear getting rejected and emotionally hurt.

For these reasons, we are constantly looking for ways to protect our precious hearts but yet open up and love unconditionally.

Every person wants to love and wants to get their love reciprocated in the right way. However many times things don’t turn out properly and we end up getting hurt.

Once such things happen to us, it leaves us broken and vulnerable and makes us terrified of making connections with new people.

We have compiled 3 ways of protecting your heart that might allow you to give and receive love in a fearless manner.

I: Feel Varied Emotions Deep In Heart

The human heart is just like a child due to the reason that it is perpetually confused with too many emotions going on. Unable to understand the jumbled emotions, we start throwing tantrums and start behaving oddly. We must start sorting the emotions carefully to understand them by calming ourselves.

Once we begin understanding and labeling the messy emotions deep within our hearts, we can feel them completely. We can then release them that eventually unburden us from old wounds and grief that had been inflicted. Part of the reason that the emotions remain repressed in our hearts is because of the reason that we fear having to face them, might hurt us more.

Many people who are always scared of getting emotional usually open up with the right people instantly. Once you decide to face past pains, suffering, and anxiety you can protect your heart by feeling all the emotions that have been pent-up for many years.

II: Choose The Right Circle Of People

Humans are not isolated islands. We need to socialize and communicate with others. So it is crucial to have people around us who care and respect us because they are beneficial to our emotional growth.

It is very important to find the right kind of inspiration to keep us moving forward in life. Good friends and family members respect and protect our hearts and enable the right mental health for all challenges.

Having a trusted and compatible group of people to talk and share with helps us overcome difficult situations in life and achieve success. We all want success in life but fear failing. However, if we have the correct people in our lives who are supportive and inspiring, we can achieve great heights as well as share and celebrate the success.

III: Create A Safe Haven

Having a safe haven or sanctuary means having a place that will keep our hearts protected. Most often this place is another person/s who supports and helps us through dangers and various challenges.

Spending time with these people helps to remove negative energy and fills us with motivation to explore new things and improve ourselves. Also spending some quiet time alone helps in reflecting and thinking about the future clearly.

On some days we feel defeated and depressed due to all the professional and personal pressures. On these days we can always resort to our sanctuary that helps us in instilling a sense of peace and tranquillity within that is very important for our well-being.

The Takeaway

These 3 ways suggested by us can be practiced easily by every person. Other than these 3 methods, you can always indulge in things that make you happy and bring you peace because they will also nurture your heart and mind.

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