Healers And Empaths: Protect Yourself From Negative Energies Even In Your Sleep

by Conscious Reminder

For centuries, across many different cultures, winter has been regarded as the dark period of the year. Sunlight is sparse, the night lingers longer and the veil between the worlds is almost lifted.

Those who are healers and empaths are more vulnerable to the change in energy and the increased likelihood of psychic powers.

 Have you noticed that lately?

There’s a sense of uneasiness everywhere in the world which manifests in fear, anxiety, fighting and death. This negative energy can drain you even if you’re not part of these events.

You’ll feel like isolating yourself in an effort to block out all this but if you’re an empath or healer, you will feel an urge to spread some light in the darkness.

This is your higher purpose but first, you must ensure that you’re physically and mentally in a position fit to be of service to others.

You’re likely to be most affected when you’re asleep as your soul can encounter many toxic energies while wandering the astral plane

Sleep will be fitful and you’ll never feel rested because nightmares will occur often. These will cause panic attacks at night and you’ll find yourself unable to separate your dreams and your real-life issues. You’ll also be more vulnerable to the pain of others, even those not connected to you.

If you have experienced these symptoms, here are a few tips to help you feel better:

  1. Purify the energy around you every day. This will keep away negative vibes that can harm you.
  2. Purge any darkness you sense in your aura as this can cause nightmares while you sleep.
  3. Wear moonstone jewelry as the energy of the lunar goddess can keep you safe while you dream. Moonlight cuts through the darkness and guards your spirit.
  4. Before you lie down to sleep, concentrate on your innermost soul and link your consciousness to your inner divinity to keep you safe.
  5. Pray to whatever entity you believe in to guard you while you rest.
  6. Use soothing essential oils like Lavender and Rose.
  7. Placing a bit of hematite near your feet and selenite near your pillow can repel any negative energy you might encounter in your dreams.

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