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Neptune Retrograde June 25th – December 1st: Connect With Your Own Wisdom

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by Conscious Reminder

Neptune will be entering its yearly retrograde from 25th June till the 1st of December. It will be moving through Pisces, the zodiac of the tropics.

However, it will be the fourth planet in retrograde, the others being Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn. As such, Neptune Retrograde will have a subtler effect.

Nevertheless, we might be strongly inclined to look at our past once more, to retrospect due to so many simultaneous retrogrades.

As it stands, Neptune represents illusions, wishes, dreams, as well as a higher level of unconditional love and consciousness. So even if lesser Neptune energy can lead to fogginess and confusion, transcending it will result in more spiritual awareness.

Neptune also stands for Oneness. It will show us how we are a part of a single big soul, albeit in different bodies. This planet is about what we cannot see. So it forces us to see with our inner eye and look beyond physicality.

Illusions Are Broken During Neptune Retrograde

We can see things in their actuality during this period since all illusions will be shattered by Neptune Retrograde. Unlike its direct movement, during its retrograde, the discerning nature of Neptune takes center stage. As a result, we see things with more certainty.

You can think of it as being able to see how a magician pulls off his/her trick during a show. There are no distractions like mirrors and smoke. In front of you, the bare mechanism and clarity will await you.

The planet will also request us to take a look at the lives we have lived, at events that have taken place, starting from November 2020. This is to check for any illusions or misguided truths that need some shattering.

It is noteworthy that viral infections also fall under the domain of Neptune. As such, we might be getting some news regarding that as well. It can also be some more discoveries or information surfacing. The starting date of 25th June and the ending date of 1st December have the highest probability of such a thing happening.

Neptune Retrograde Grounds Us

The previous year has been dream-like for most of us. So many upheavals and changes have happened. We may have lost track of who we are.

We might be brought down to face reality during this retrograde. However, it will also aid us in getting grounded within this “new reality”.

Along with that, we may be able to accept our life’s direction a bit more, and finally, see a road ahead. If there is uncertainty regarding anything, this is the time to make a thorough evaluation of where your life stands. You can then choose the way you want to proceed.

To begin with, focus on the things you are certain about, and proceed from there.

Spiritual Growth And Neptune Retrograde

Neptune stands for understanding and spiritual wisdom. Synchronizing with the planet’s frequency can make our connection with our psychic abilities, intuition, creativity, and dreams easier. As such, this is a great time to begin a journal for dreams. You can also begin or learn a new practice in spirituality.

During this time, the spiritual wisdom within us flows more freely. So, you will find it easier to tap into the resources within us than without. Everyone has some powerful spiritual truth and wisdom within them. It can become even more powerful if we connect with it during the Neptune Retrograde.

So seek inner validation and not from the exterior world. Your inner answers and guidance will be the most useful during this time.

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