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Lucky 7: July Is A Promising Month According To Numerology

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by Conscious Reminder

The year 2021 has been passing by us at great speed. We are already in the 7th month of the year which is July.

Many people strongly believe in numerology and they might be thinking that this 7th month might bring something special in their lives. Since the number 7 is quite special and has unique symbolism, we might receive some special energy throughout this month.

However, before we jump to conclusions, we must try to find out more details regarding the number 7.

Significance Of The Number 7

It is certainly an established fact that every person who follows the life path with the numerology of 7 can be considered a spiritual truth seeker. These people are especially and intensely invested in the quest to find truth and answers to life.

It is also noteworthy that angel number 777 is acutely spiritual in nature. This angel number is usually associated with a period of life in which a person prioritizes their spiritual learning. In addition, they also learn lessons on incorporating new practices that will bring them closer to their answers.

While considering the symbolism and significations of the number 7, we must also remember that there are 7 days in a week, 7 musical notes, 7 deadly sins, 7 rainbow colors, 7 continents in the world, 7 wonders of the world, and 7 seas.

Furthermore, several lottery firms use 7 as their jackpot number. The list does not stop here and goes on to show us the importance of the number 7.

In the traditions of Chinese culture, the number 7 has a specific significance since it represents the link between the yin, the yang, and the 5 elements of earth, fire, water, wood, and metal.

This combination has always been considered harmonious. Moreover, it also represents kindness and beauty according to Taoism.

Will July be lucky? 

7 is a lucky number in numerous religions and cultures across the planet. As a result, July has the potential to become a lucky month for everyone.

Nonetheless, numerology relies on individual beliefs, emotions, and thoughts along with the power of numbers.

7 is definitely lucky for many people and they can certainly believe that this year July will emerge as an opportune time in their life.

As the universal law of attraction states that people normally attract what they believe in might become true in this scenario.

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