The 5 Best Crystals To Help You Peek Behind The Veil This Shadow Season

by Conscious Reminder

Can light and darkness ever be separate? The two energies are not only inseparable but vital as well.

However, one is the source of joy while the other is usually associated with shame, fear, and uncertainty. But is there a reason behind our instinctual fear of the darkness?

The shadow season’s work involves exploring the uncharted, unlit, and unknown sides of ourselves. Our only ally will be our belief that we will get out wiser and stronger.

With the Northern Hemisphere going deeper into autumn, the nights are getting longer. It is asking us to get used to shadows while seeing the world using other senses.

The following crystals will help in harnessing ancestral guidance, courage, stability, and safety as we face the coming uncertain weeks. They can be held in meditation, incorporated into grids, or just placed on altars.

They will produce an environment filled with support, wisdom, and tranquillity to help you reach past the veil.

1. Golden Sheen Obsidian

The perfect crystal for transmutation and shadow integration is the golden sheen obsidian. It helps in facing your darkest parts with compassion and courage.

The gem is used for cleansing auric fields, uplifting surrounding vibrations, as well as acknowledging the shadow self in order to gain the next level of spiritual understanding. The Root, as well as Earth Star Chakras, are activated by it.

2. Petrified Wood

Petrified wood is a type of quartz used for activating the Chakra of the Earth Star. It connects one to ancient and ancestral wisdom. It is a crystal used for recalling memories from past life, grounding, and protection.

The crystal encourages spiritual transformation, steady growth, and patience. The crystal will ground you in the present. Petrified wood is a steady supply of security and stability during this season.

3. Amber

Although the crystal is associated with deep protection, it has an abundantly warm, wise, and light energy. The gem protects the user from psychic attacks, heals traumas of the soul, and actively repels everything dark.

It generates an energy shield around you. Also, the Chakra of the Solar Plexus is activated by this gem. As such, your individual power gets ignited while it also imparts confidence, optimism, and courage.

4. Picasso Jasper

This one is among the most powerful crystals for working with during the shadow season. The gem’s purpose is shadow integration – it encourages you to fully love yourself in your present form.

It is also useful for grounding yourself as an inner transformation takes place. The gem helps in integrating every part of yourself, the light as well as the darkness.

5. Dumortierite

The shadow season is a time when spiritual wisdom becomes the most accessible since the veil is the thinnest now. As such, working with potent stones when it comes to the Chakra of the Third Eye is beneficial.

The stone fosters mental discipline, higher guidance, divine inspiration, and psychic ability. The gem will let you hear the spiritual realm’s messages during this shadow season if you keep it close.

Working With Shapes In Crystals

Different crystal shapes have different purposes. This should be kept in mind when you choose your crystal for the shadow season. Spheres are used for divination and scrying.

Pendulums can channel ancestral guides and messages regarding any important questions. Wands are also ideal for receiving and sending energy during meditation or ritual. Let your intuition lead you to the answer.

We hope the approaching shadow season will bring great transformation, expansion, and revelation to you. We wish your inner light to remain brightly lit and give your warmth and guidance while you go about your journey.

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