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Mercury Retrograde: Why Your Ex May Be Back In The Picture?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We are currently experiencing the last 2021 Mercury retrograde and the miscommunications and technical difficulties it brings along with it.

Mercury retrograde is also known for bringing back your exes.

Mercury Retrograde: What Is It?

The Mercury retrograde occurs when Mercury passes the Earth in its orbit around the Sun. This looks like Mercury is moving in a different direction, even though it is not, from the perspective of the people living on Earth.

Mercury is termed as the “winged messenger” by astrologists and rules over areas like information, communication, technology, logic and transportation. When Mercury goes retrograde all these areas get scrambled and they tend to move slower than usual.

Mercury Retrograde: How Does It Affect Your Exes?

Mercury rules over your thoughts and has a deep connection to your society. When it is in retrograde, your mind will tend to shift towards the past and look into your past relationships. It is from there that you will start attracting your exes.

When you keep going back to these old memories or thoughts, your ex will pick up on those “signals” and will start thinking about you in return. This might happen even if you are not intentionally thinking about your loved ones.

This phenomenon of attracting your past lovers will be potent in this retrograde. This will surely happen as the Mercury retrograde takes place amidst other retrogrades which have heavy air sign energies. 

Saturn and Jupiter were in retrograde when the Mercury retrograde began. They were both retrograde in Aquarius. 

The Final Takeaway

If your past loved ones are reaching out or you are tempted to reach out to them, do so with caution. Mercury retrograde is known for its lack of clear minds and miscommunication. So, you need to make proper decisions at this time.

You need to remind yourself to think before you interact and reread all your messages before you hit the send button. You can also hold off on making any moves till Mercury goes direct on the 18th of October.

You need to keep an eye on different guides for navigating through this Mercury retrograde and keep in mind that your ex is still your ex and nothing more.

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