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The Spiritual Meaning Behind Tonight’s New Moon in Scorpio

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by Conscious Reminder

A new moon is scheduled to reveal itself on 4th November 2021 and usher the Scorpio season.

This lunar event will give rise to some troubles and surprises but it will surely establish a strong link between our fears and feelings. This lunation has a special spiritual meaning that will unfold steadily and bring out the true desires of our souls.

The new moon usually kick-starts a new month and according to astrology, they are the bearers of fresh opportunities and novel chapters in our life.

This lunation will prove to be auspicious for personal actions, adding new things, and projects to our lives. This is a primary reason that people perform several rituals during the new moon periods.

This specific November 2021 lunation impinges with sacred meanings because it is about to unfold under the emotional and intense Scorpio sign. Hence, the new moon will give us the courage to face our fears and embrace the darker side.

This will help us in achieving the inner truth ultimately. So we must get ready to optimally use this time to align the spiritual vibes with our stars.

Unravel The Spirituality Of November Lunation 

4th November tails right behind Halloween and carries the spooky energy present in our atmosphere at this time. The main reason is the yearly new moon occurring under Scorpio that is at times called “Lunar Samhain”. This points towards the celebration of witchcraft among Samhain and happens during Halloween.

Lunar Samhain is considered as a “veil” between our living world and the world of the dead. It becomes very thin and is likely to be penetrable during such occasions. So we must pay homage to our ancestors.

This new moon also holds deeper meaning since we are motivated to move beyond the dark side and get in touch with our inner self.

Despite the repeated cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, we must take this time to comprehend our psyche and transform our pain into strength. We can achieve this by exploring our existential thoughts as well as focusing on our instincts.

This November lunation will bring some cosmic surprises mainly due to the opposition aspect in this new moon phase. This lunation also has the unpredictability of Uranus that poses as the perfect chance to surrender to the higher flow in the universe.

Optimize The Energy Of November New Moon 

Introspection is most successful during new moons because the dark sky represents a forthcoming illumination. The coming light symbolizes insights and new answers from within rather than an outside source.

This lunation also has a strong element of illumination as the Scorpio energy might uncover the hidden and pave way for the deepest emotions.

We must spend some quality time alone to get a better understanding of our spirituality without social distractions. Our lunar energy will heighten our spiritual connection with higher powers and provide us strength.

Additionally, this new moon is also an eclipse so this will be the last perfect opportunity this year to get the best results in our endeavors. For this, we must find some time to concentrate our energies towards action and positivity in a conscious manner.

Only by sincerely performing lunar rituals or diving into the deepest meditation can we harness the mystical and intense energy of this November lunation. The Mars power will be highly influential on Scorpio and give us extra motivation to follow our dreams and accomplish all our goals.

This is the opportune time to liberate our minds from all fears and take the leap of faith towards the unknown.

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