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The Power Of 11:11 — This Is How To Use It For Your Own Benefit

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Are you seeing the magical 11:11 more frequently, sometimes even from nowhere? Even noticing it occasionally makes for an extremely powerful experience.

Regardless of your zodiac sign, and number of life path, seeing 11:11 should always be taken seriously. And November is the most powerful month for the phenomena to take place.

There are several scientific foundations of the phenomenon. Now is the time for using this power effectively in our lives. Listed below are 11 methods that will help you see 11:11’s magic in your life.

1. Pause And Pay Attention

Abraham Hicks, one of the creators of the Law of Attraction, states that seeing 11:11 is a way by which the Universe is telling you to keep going. The Universe is reaffirming your choice and actions in life when it shows you this number. So you should pause and appreciate the symbol whenever it does appear.

2. Wishes

Wishes are good ideas. Wishes made with 11:11 are common and very popular, as they are known to come true. The best method of making these wishes is by being realistic while also asking for small things. When it comes true, it will validate 11:11’s power. The more thankfulness you express for this unconditional love, the more frequently it will occur.

3. Write It Down

Start jotting down the events occurring to you. If something amazing happens, then write that down too. The pattern won’t happen for some days. But after some months, look back and try to notice if there are any messages being conveyed by angels through the symbol. Time will help you understand the specific meanings. Also, keep in mind that the number is associated with expansion.

4. Intuition

Listen to your intuition. Regardless of your present situation, always follow it. Right now, the beyond is gently whispering to you. Follow them and jot them down as well. Once more, the 11:11 phenomenon will manifest more, the more it is noted.

5. Twin Flame

This is a great time for making wishes or praying to meet your twin flame. 11:11 also has a lot to do with bringing together twin flames. Moreover, praying and wishing are identical actions. Right now, a portal has opened up between your twin flame’s Parallel Universe and you. Articulating the wish will strengthen the intention behind it.

6. Lead The Day

Think of a method of leading on the day. Everyone whose life path is 11 become born leaders. The number 11 has a lot to do with leading. Success comes from leading when it occurs on 11:11’s vibration.

7. Meditate

Meditation is one of the most powerful ways of manifesting 11:11’s gift, if you receive it in some manner. If it does occur and there is time on your hands, then pause, close your eyes, and ask your angels to guide you towards the information behind that particular occurrence of the sign. You may not hear from them immediately, but it will be revealed eventually.

8. Notice Signs

Look for and ask for signs. Even if the Universe is a mind-reader, speaking out your wishes confirms the order. The key is situating yourself in a level of energy where your spirit guides and soul friends can help you in making your life fulfilled. You must be the ones making the decisions, they will not do it for you. Ask for symbols affirming your current direction. If it is 11:11, then the answer will be yes.

9. Purple

Try to wear as much purple as you can. Indigo and violet are also associated with the chakras of the crown and the third eye. Amethyst and similar shaded gems such as lapis lazuli will also be extremely effective in channeling messages and receiving the Universe’s signs.

10. Pen A Letter

Pen a letter for your twin flame. This will be one more exercise situating you in your twin flame’s vibration. Write down everything that you want them to hear. They may never read it, but penning it will put you in the same wavelength.

11. Enjoy The Eternal Symbol

This is a gift, and you should embrace and enjoy it. At the very least, if 11:11 shows up, think of it as a moment for possibilities. We have no idea which wishes will be granted, we only know the clues provided. If it occurs, do not doubt it. It is the same as questioning a rainbow. 11:11’s mystery is similar to that of a rainbow, filled with promise and hope.

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