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Why Saturn Return Is Such A Big Deal And What It Means For You

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by Conscious Reminder

The late twenties can feel like a whirlwind. Life is usually turbulent, stressful, and filled with changes which make it among the toughest times.

As it happens, there is a reason behind this chaos according to astrology, and it is known as a Saturn return.

Astrologically, this planetary occurrence is a marker of intensive change that forces us to finally mature and leave behind our childhood. Moreover, it happens to everyone as their thirtieth birthday nears.

Saturn takes about 29.5 years to fully orbit the Sun. As such, “Saturn return” refers to the planet going back to its exact position as at the time of your birth. The first of these moments take place for all of us between 27 and 30.

These years usually have a ton of upheavals like marriages, break-ups, career switches, relocation, or just accepting that there are things that need changing.

The Astrological Significance Of Saturn

Saturn, according to astrology, stands for hard work and tough love. It represents maturity, patience, structure, boundaries, discipline, and responsibility. During a Saturn return, every one of these values will be tested. Saturn is also called the zodiac’s great teacher. So be prepared to learn some tough life lessons, as well as a lot of growth, when your Saturn Return happens.

Technically, this return is actually an aspect of conjunction between the natal Saturn (the planet’s location in your chart of birth) and transiting Saturn (the planet’s present location). Conjunctions always signal the start of a fresh cycle. A Saturn return tells us to confront the challenges associated with closing a past chapter and opening a fresh one.

Saturn is also associated with maturity and structure. So a Saturn return can stir our lives’ foundations and expose our immaturities and weak points. We might have to suddenly confront a teenage mess. It can feel scary but it will also introduce us to our own power. This will give us the confidence needed to be more responsible and patch any holes present in our lives.

When Does A Saturn Return Happen?

Usually, a Saturn Return is at its highest when you are about 29 years old. But it can happen sooner or later too. So generally, if you are close to 30 then you are probably in the middle of your first Saturn return.

The exact starting point differs according to different astrologers. There are online calculators for Saturn Return available if you want to know the exact dates.

Also, there will be more than one Saturn return in your lifetime. The one near the 30s is usually the most commonly discussed.

But the others might ring a bell too. For example, the next Saturn return should be taking place when you are nearing 60 (mid-life crisis), then when you are nearing 90. Every period will make us reassess the responsibilities in our lives and open a new chapter.

What Takes Place At The Time Of A Saturn Return?

The realignment of Saturn with your placement at birth can bring about a crisis point because of an immense reckoning. Responsibilities and personal issues can feel overwhelming. But this will also be the time when you can learn from your mistakes in the past, and confront them.

There may be a lot of hardship and instability during these moments. But Saturn is known to reward patience and diligence. It also dislikes temporary fixes or shortcuts.

So whatever trouble that you are dealing with at such a moment, face them with all your might. You will be rewarded with an elevated sense of self-trust, confidence, and empowerment. 

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