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7 Methods To Embrace Aquarius’ Powerful Energy

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by Conscious Reminder

After a period of about 30 days, the Sun moves into a different zodiac sign.

During each such “season”, the prevailing sign’s astrological energy influences everyone. The 2022 Aquarius season will start on Jan 19th and end on Feb 18th.

Aquarius is a sign oriented towards the future. As such it represents technology and collaborations. Thus this season will be a great time for getting together for a common reason – both in real life and online.

1. Summon The Squad Of Your Soul

There are 3 air signs in the zodiac that are ultra-social. Aquarius is the 3rd one. Its arrival makes all of us exit our caves for a bit of interaction during winter. Since it is also the ruler of technology, virtual communication is also encouraged.

Aquarius centers on large groups. This is the time to invite as many people as you can to your gatherings. Plus, it can be via the screen too, be it book clubs or happy hours. You can also try letting the gamer within you take control for a while. Exploring the VR community with a VR headset will be enjoyable.

2. Embrace Weirdness

Uranus is the present ruler of Aquarius. Now, this planet is wonky and has a titled unconventional axis. So where does that put you? This is the time to exhibit your quirkiest thoughts and weirdest styles, without any shame.

Also, share the visions that you have on social media or just casual conversation. Social Media falls under the domain of this sign. The season may just reveal the next generation of influencers. Following the flock will not be the way to be among them.

3. Manage Your Wildest Projects

As eccentric as Aquarius energy may be, it also has the ability to perfectly accomplish the wildest of projects. Saturn was Aquarius’ traditional ruler who is also known as the taskmaster.

Additionally, the sign is one of 4 “fixed” signs – the stabilizers of the zodiac. They are known for making tenable realistic plans out of your most enthusiastic ideas.

4. Make A “Time Bank”

It has never been more important than now to share. Search for methods of pooling funds involving your neighbors, close friends, and family. Then invest that funds for getting tools that every one of you can use.

Also, money does not have to be currency here. In time banking, time is used as currency. The mission has its roots in equity, social justice, and honoring our purpose in life. In this, people “pay” using services that require time, like labor.

5. Turn On Your Activism

Humanitarianism and politics fall in the domain of Aquarius. Get involved with projects that will positively impact the community. All around the world, activism is increasing because of the number of severe issues that need addressing.

6. Release Your Feelings

Usually, the sign tends to let feelings build up until it can no longer be held back. Then all of those suppressed emotions explode outwards. As such, regularly checking in with yourself will be very important during this season. While we might want to appear unbothered and cool, repressing things will result in a meltdown.

Moreover, don’t forget about your instincts and boundaries. You may end up moving a bit too much out of your comfort zone because of peer pressure and the season’s communal energy. However, make sure to give yourself time to rest.

7. Smarten Your Electronics

If you think the times are leaving you behind then make sure to be with the trends. Sign up for some software training or a course in digital marketing. Also, do note the energy efficiency of your present appliances. Tiny changes can go a long way in making positive contributions on top of reducing bills.  

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