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Spring/Fall Is Here And These Are The 4 Most Powerful Crystals For The Season

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

While we in the Northern Hemisphere are getting charged up for Spring, the folks down South are all ready to welcome Fall. The Equinox brought the change of seasons and now it’s our turn to make the most of it.

Equinoxes are times of transformation, not just in Nature. Old things come to an end and we get ready for new experiences. This is a time to be brave to face the renewal yet one mustn’t get carried away with all the changes that are about to take place.

During such a chaotic period of changes, we can always look to Earth and Mother Nature for some sense of stability and soothing energies. Crystals are a great way to harness the powers of Nature to help you keep going this season. Not just spiritual, crystals heal your emotional, mental, as well as physical selves.

So we bring you 4 potent crystals that are best suited for these times of change and rebirth. Go for 1 or 2 of these crystals and see how Nature helps you reach your full potential.

Red Jasper

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Any transitional time reminds us of Red Jasper. This is the best crystal when you want to access the Life Force Energy flowing through us all. This crystal helps you overcome fatigue as it endows you with vitality from its invigorating energies. Passion increases as well, be it in relationships or life in general.

You gain clarity and conviction to tackle unhealthy situations and you become more determined when facing challenges. Red Jasper pushes you to fulfill your potential and attracts opportunities for the same.


Tumbled Malachite for empowerment of feminine energies

If you are faced with indecision and self-doubt regarding which way should you head in life, Malachite is here to imbibe in you a sense of purpose now. This is a stone that empowers you for renewal, rebirth, and transformation.

The patterns of the many hues of green on this stone are a nod to its healing powers. It brings abundance and growth. You can let go of past issues with this stone. Malachite serves to protect against negative energies too.


Tumbled Black Onyx (Brazil) - Tumbled Stones- Black Onyx

This crystal is known for creating a potent and protective field that can shield you from energy vampires. It even heals your own aura to keep all the positivity inside. Once you have an Onyx on you, you’ll be shielded from accidents and negative experiences.

This crystal releases self-criticism and obsessive over-thinking, helping you feel worthy and confident. You will find it easier to get out of your cozy comfort zone and even cut people or situations out which might harm you. Onyx makes sure there is no sort of toxicity in your life and that you can lead a happy life, away from all the negativity.


7 Amazing Facts About Amber Gemstone

Although not a crystal, it could be a great inclusion in your Fall/Spring collection. Amber is a fossilized tree resin and they are thousands of years old. Hence they contain great energy as well as primordial wisdom. In such times of transition and transformation, Amber can help you adapt to these new circumstances gracefully and with stability. Amber heals your Solar Plexus Chakra with its nurturing and warm energies so that you can enjoy life fully.

Go for the crystal you resonate with the most. The right one will surely pull you towards itself. You can carry them on your self as jewelry or just secure them in your room. No matter where they are, the crystals will make sure you can face all your challenges and emerge victoriously. Let them work their magic and trust their guidance.

Transformation is not easy for all of us and a lil extra help never hurts. Choose your crystal and have a happy and safe Spring/Fall ahead!

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