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3 Crystals To Help You Harness The Powers Of Eclipse Season

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by Conscious Reminder

There are two types of eclipses: The Solar and the Lunar eclipses.

The Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth comes in between the Moon and the Sun and it blocks the sunlight that is usually reflected by the Moon. 

A Solar Eclipse is observed when the Moon comes in between the Sun and the Earth and it blocks the light of the Sun from reaching the Earth. The Moon then casts a shadow on the Earth.

As the Moon or Sun falls into darkness, our darkest emotions, too. rise up from our depths. This is exactly why Eclipses are great times to connect with our shadow sides, work with our darkest fears, and tend to our wounds.

Working with crystal is a great way to soothe your soul and ease the tensions during these Eclipses. Crystals can help you calm your mind and enhance your inner peace. It will also help you connect with the spirit world.

You can work with crystals in several ways- meditating is one. You can also wear them as jewelry.

The 3 Crystals For The Eclipse Season


This stone has been associated with snakes, since ancient times. Some tribes used to wear Serpentine to protect themselves against snake bites and to ward off evil spirits. This crystal was also used in shamanic rituals to connect its wearer with the healing energies of Mother Earth.

It is still believed that the Serpentine has magical powers and one of its abilities is to surround its wearer with a powerful shield of protection. It is also known to activate Kundalini energy.

Working with this crystal during these Eclipses can help you adapt to changes and overcome the fear of the unknown. It teaches you to embrace changes and will also help you transform your life for the better.

The dark and light patterns of this crystal will remind you that darkness can be converted into light and vice versa. It will remind you that everything is in constant shift and that it is best to not force things but to surrender to the flow and allow things to take their time.


The comforting energy of this crystal will educate you on the importance of self-acceptance and love. You need to work with this crystal and dissolve your fears as it removes all blockages caused by trauma. Dolomite’s healing vibrations will help you obtain a deep emotional detox as it is a crystal of tranquility and inner peace. It will teach you to trust yourself and to trust your life.

Dolomite will also remind you to enhance your connection with your higher self by meditation, prayer, reciting mantras, or engaging in other soul-soothing practices. 

Working with this crystal will never make you feel alone and you will realize that there is a bigger plan and a higher purpose to everything that occurs, naturally.


Hematite is a  crystal that is known for its powerful grounding properties. It will ground you firmly to the Earth and fill your mind with stability.

When you work with a Hematite crystal during these Eclipses, it will provide the confidence and strength to face your personal challenges and will also help you to move forward in life.

This crystal will also teach you to step into your power and stand on your ground and protect your beliefs.

The energies of Hematite will also help you to break free from addictions and encourage you to explore your darker side to uncover the darkest secrets that you are holding back.

Hematite will also remind you to accept your own darkness and to transform your trauma into strength and courage.

A Simple Ritual For Eclipse Season

Look for a comfortable place where you can relax your mind and body. Breathe in deeply and take one of these crystals in your hands.

Ask the crystal to cleanse you from these negative energies and visualize a white light surrounding your body and cleansing your aura.

Think about your darkest fears ad ask yourself if these fears are helping you or are they holding you back from living a full life.

If you feel that particular fear is holding too much power over you then you should release it.

Program the crystal to transform the fear into light and love, while saying the intentions out loud.

You need to trust in the crystals so that their wisdom and power can help you get rid of the things that are not aligned with the path of your soul.

Open your eyes in the end and recite the following mantra:

“I allow the Universe to surprise me. I know that I’ll end up where I need to be.”

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