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Why Your Brain Loves Saying Om — How Chanting Mantras Helps Strengthen Your Nervous System.

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by Conscious Reminder

Mantras are the tools which we utilize to clear our thoughts. They bring our concentration or focus on our chosen God.

Mantras are meant to relax or calm our agitated mind. With that, we become mind focused. A personalized mantra can take us into different states of consciousness.

Throughout the evolutionary history of human beings, auditory faculties evolved in order to process a certain set of features in our nature, making up the root of the auditory perception. They are bite-sized sound information which our brain evolved to make sense and process.

The word mantra is from the Sanskrit language, which means ‘sound tool. While the word Om is one of myriad those mantras. Sanskrit, together with other languages from ancient times like Tibetan, ancient Hebrew and prototypical Egyptian, evolved as complex onomatopoeia systems.

This is where sounds evoked energy movements. The evocation is somehow subjective and qualitative, connected with interception and emotional sense of self. Both of them are predominantly represented somewhere in the brain’s right hemisphere.

The sounds’ narrative strand in which their meanings are given, is done through the brain’s left hemisphere. One fascinating thing about mantras would be that the sounds are going to resonate in various parts of our mind and body. They create actual events or interactions.

Your brain loves saying Om by chanting mantras.

Just like immersing ourselves in music, mantras also utilize sounds. They evoke emotional and physical energy’s movement through stimulating our nervous system, the place from where narrative and meaning emerge.

To have an insight into or validate mantras for us, we have to experience and feel it through introspection. For example, Om, or also Aum, is the most frequent mantra in Tibetan and Sanskrit.

When Aum would be onomatopoeic, performing it may create an occurrence inside of our nervous system that can after that become the object of meditation and concentration, thereby the focal point used for expanding the emotional and physical awareness.

A, U and M from Aum are ring sonorants, so the mantra in question qualifies the object which inherently is without interactions. From a physical perspective, it means that our object does not have a form.

We have to try resonating this mantra aloud, permitting the air to pass through our nasal passage, transitioning between three sounds.

The A may feel like a wide opening, having a wider vibratory impact on our physical body. The U possesses a funneling impact, narrowing our awareness into a subtle sensation like impression or thought.

The nasal sound M is like bee’s drone; it causes the cranium to vibrate in a ubiquitous and undifferentiated earthquake over valleys and convolutions in our cerebral cortex.

The symbolic representations and feelings of these sounds are going to differ from one person to another. Just like any other tool, the impact of these sounds depends on those that operate with them and the object of use, which are namely the condition of the mind and the body.

Mantras may be performed sub-vocally, vocally or also silently, in our mind.

However, the recommendation says first to begin aloud, and after that pass on silent variations, as silent repetition will definitely have effects too.

Group chanting and mantra recitation may synchronize our brainwaves, achieving another collective level of effect, as it was demonstrated among musicians, as it helps them understand the basis for such group chanting around wisdom traditions in the world.

When we practice mantra, we may tap in the power’s source. We may drive our consciousness more profoundly in our bones, or muscles, and also tissues in order to gain a much higher sensitivity or understanding or the makeup, and even amplify our emotional energies within us.

When we aim with intention, practicing mantra into a more profound and progressive layer of ourselves. We may bring more of ourselves online, hence more onboard the journey of fitness and health towards wholeness and union. Using mantras, we can have the chance to start practicing yoga as well.

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