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Seeing The Same Dream Over And Over Again? Here’s Why!

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by Conscious Reminder

At times, dreams are unique, random, and will probably never be seen again. However, sometimes, one particular dream keeps repeating again and again.

Dream experts have some important insight into such recurring dreams. So here is all you need to know about these dreams:

What Is Called A Repeating Or Recurring Dream?

True to its name, a dream that recurs over and over is called a recurring dream. They are often nightmares, but not always. More importantly, they usually signify that a matter of importance requires the urgent attention of the dreamer.

It is noteworthy that recurring dreams may not be identical. However, it may be a series of dreams having the same motif of themes. As such, dream experts say that the small changes should be noted as they are usually good signs.

However, the exact cause of repeating dreams remains an elusive answer. The most popular theory is that they help us process emotional memories, particularly those that require resolution. Another theory is that these dreams have a connection with a repetitive behavioral pattern from when we are awake. Such dreams are usually lifelong dreams. Stress can also be another factor.

Recurring Dreams Vs. Stress Dreams

These two dreams may overlap in some categories, however, they may not always be the same. A repeating dream may not be a stress dream and vice versa. However, a negative pattern from our waking life can definitely seep into our dreams. A common example of stress dreams is the dream of a tornado. It is believed to represent a lack of control and stress.

There’s also the chance that the dream is about the most dominant emotion at the time in our lives. For example, another common stress dream example is being sent back to high school just about to sit for an exam while being extremely unprepared for it.

Other common repeating dreams include ones where we are chased or our teeth fall out. Perhaps the most common one is where we found ourselves being naked in front of an audience.

Probable Interpretations

Here are some of the probable meanings of dreams having the same motif:

One Particular Place: The place probably holds a very deep significance for you. The significance may not be the location but how that place shaped your personality, memories, etc. An unknown house can reflect your current mental state. For example, a shabby one can represent that you are feeling shabby.

One Particular Person: For these dreams, the meaning is usually straightforward. However, at times, it can be more complex. At times, it may be a person you only saw on screen. Then, it probably represents some ideals or some associated qualities that you are finding difficult to assimilate.

One Particular Relationship: It might mean we desire it but the meaning may not always be that. Similar to the last instance, it might be trying to show one of your qualities that you are having trouble with.

How To Deal With Them

According to the experts, the best way of stopping such dreams is to find out the question being asked by the dream. Then, we must start acting on it. For example, if it’s about exams, then the answer is to prepare more. If it’s a trauma, then we probably have to give more time and effort to process it.

Repetitive dreams usually signal a “stuckness”. As such, they usually stop when we become “unstuck”. It’s a way of the subconscious nagging us about something. So if your recurring dream has become too bothersome to get a good night’s sleep, then you should definitely spend time figuring it out.

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