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Lionsgate Portal Opening On August 8th: Feel The Power Of The Leo Energy

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by Conscious Reminder

Consistently there is a yearly infinite occasion called the “Lion’s Gate” gateway. This is usually between 26th July to 12th August at the point during the Sun’s period of bonding with Leo, therefore naming it the ‘Lion’s gate’.

August 8th, i.e. on the 8th day of the 8th month, the energy is the most powerful. The flow is dominating and speeds up the 8 energies to their optimum capacity. This gives a great opportunity to boost the energy and fortify your spiritual growth.

Opening Of The Portal & Expansion Of Energy

The high recurrence vitality is relied upon to crack, migrate and go faster because of the overwhelming infinite occasion and shoot for alteration. It can help expand the impression of the planet by getting in and fortifying fresh light signs for the up and coming year.
There will be pouring energy through this opening.

The Sun will be firmly keyed up and transmit high vitality symbols to hoist our impressions of adoration and luminosity. We will be able to broaden and improve our spiritual senses, and boost up our consciousness due to the high frequency energy. We have to unlock ourselves towards accepting this soaring liveliness.

Great Astronomical Positioning

The Earth lines up with the cosmic center during lions gate. There is additionally a grandiose relationship with Sirius, a.k.a. our Holy Sun. On the 8th of August, Sirius will be directly lined up with Orion’s Belt and additionally the antiquated Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

Giza goes about as a persuasive securing face to allow all the soaring power to be communicated onto earth’s lattice. A huge flood of light and energy is created due to the strong Sirius’s force and the Sun.

The Significance Of – 8

The Strength card which is the 8th Tarot card, signifies to zodiac sign number 8– Leo, who is associated with the Sun. Leo signifies the number 8 which in turn leads to power and strength, infinity, knowledge, equilibrium, godly bond, consciousness and reincarnation.

But, just as a coin, balance also has two sides – positive and negative. The negative makes us terrified and unfocused because we have got home a brand new pair of shoes which we may adjust constructively. It tries its hardest to end, delay or deviate persons from rising up.

The Manipura Chakra

The Third chakra located in our abdomen is to be lucid, sunny, open, even-handed and in finest situation to obtain soaring power and radiance due to the arrival of the Sun’s energy. We have to keep our contaminated energy under check.

Power In The Flames

Although fire is considered to be vicious, it also gives life to the phoenix, who rises from the ashes defining rebirth. Leo brings in better fire energy. This strong transforming process brings new, chaste and something more sturdy to arise. Kind of an updated version. It is also concerning activity and the enthusiastic revival of supremacy.

Your Opinions During Lion’s Gate:

Lion’s gate will make us self aware. Deforming previous fears and channelizing it to inner strength, engaging and helping us to remember our full potential. The common feelings that the Lion’s gate cosmic event might make you feel are:-
1. Sensing change in things.
2. Feeling of uncertainty and doubting one self.
3. Anxiety, impatience and interrupted sleep.
4. Old hurts and sentiments coming forefront.
5. Trying to heal the inner self.
6. Feeling judgmental, desperate and raging..
7. Feelings left out and alone.
8. Pessimism.
9. Difficulty coping.
10. Internal pain & conflict with the self.
11. Difficulty to manage problems.
12. Metamorphosis

How To Aid Yourself Throughout Lion’s gate?

​Joining boldness, power and guts tames the creature and by this deed tranquility takes over fear and disorder. The fire energy has to be greeted and to allow the conversion to occur. Regular training, clearing and sheltering are to be performed.
Lions should be our spirit animal and followed.

Letting go, opening up and releasing will help you rise above.

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