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The Astrological Significance Of The Sun Meeting Regulus

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by Conscious Reminder

The Sun makes an annual trip crossing the boundaries of Virgo and Leo between August 21st and August 23rd. This is when it meets Regulus, one among the 4 Royal Stars.

Ancient astrologers believed these 4 stars to be divine guardians looking over the 4 gates of the cosmos located in each cardinal direction in our sky. Regulus guards the cosmic gate in the north that emits vibrations that are believed to aid in activating the highest chakras.

During this period, we might find it easier to connect with our Spirit Guides, Higher Self, and intuition. It might be easier to recognize our connection with the cosmos along with everything cosmic. When Regulus, along with the north gate, becomes active, set the intention to receive this energy being beamed down straight in your crown and then your heart. Visualize the energy expand outward and fill you with serenity, belonging, and intuitive wisdom.

Regulus is also believed to represent wealth, success, and royalty. As such, another name for it is “The Heart of the Lion”, and is supportive of our ambitions, dreams, and highest passions. Working with this start’s energy can be beneficial in attracting abundance and success. As such, it will be an auspicious period for launching business ideas or attracting more wealth.

The days on which the Sun and Regulus align can be used for a number of entrepreneurial activities. These include launching projects, signing contracts, publishing works, or simply taking active steps towards your goals and dreams. If the movement comes from the heart, this Royal Star will work extra hard to make sure that your manifestations become reality.

If any planets on your birth are near 0 degrees of Virgo, or if your birthday is August 21st, 22nd, or 23rd, then you are blessed with Regulus’ lucky energy. For those whose Regulus is an active influence, leadership positions are places where they thrive. In fact, it might be a usual occurrence for them to find people flocking toward them naturally, seeking counsel and advice.

Moreover, in ancient cultures, Regulus also had a connection with royalty, literally. Astrologers believed it to be the Star representing Queens and Kings. So, when the Sun and Regulus align, there can be news related to Royal families or prominent leaders of the world.

Here are some more methods of working with Regulus’ energies:

·       Massage your own head. Make sure to use essential oils that are infused with mantras and/or intentions.

·       Try the Divine Channel meditation as a way of stimulating the higher chakras.

·       Get your haircut. It can be the usual or something refreshing. There are specific haircuts that stimulate the Crown Chakra that you can try,

·       Practice expressing your gratitude for everything and anything that happens to you during the day.

·       Indulge in activities that encourage your feelings of abundance.

·       Indulge in your passions more and feed them.

·       Work with the crystals associated with the Crown Chakra.

·       Practice steps that help in clearing the Crown Chakra.

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