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This Ritual Will Help You Feel The Summer Vibes With Even Bigger Intensity

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

There’s no better time than the summer months for us to develop ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually.

There is no greater gift than being blessed with all-round well being and high vibrations. At this time, we start craving healthy nourishment, hydration, and comfort.

As the sun nourishes the world there is a general aura of positivity. Use this time well to begin some spiritual exercises which will help you throughout the year.

Rise With The Sun

Welcome each new day as the Sun rises. Just lying in bed, you can take some time to decide what you intend to accomplish and to draw some positivity into yourself.

Place a citrine crystal near you so that as soon as you get up, you can place it on your heart chakra and seek out spirit guides to protect you and show you the right path. Each night, express your gratitude to them before you go to sleep.

Bask In The Light

When we align our lives to the changes wrought by each season, our intuition tells us what we need to stock up on as the cold weather draws near. Instinctively, our bodies reach out to the sun in order to absorb whatever vitamins it has to offer.

We drink more water and eat foods that give us all the benefits we need for good health. The warmth may be affecting your sleep cycle but you’ll feel rested and happy. This contentment cleanses our emotions and we are able to truly enjoy this life.

A Riot Of Colors

Food can be an indulgence but an incredibly healthy one at that. Eat all the colors of the rainbow through all the different kinds of fruits and vegetables. But don’t forget to shop ethically by buying from your local markets and sustainable farms.

In order to become a proper conduit for the spirit, your body must be free of impurities. Glory in the riot of colors on your plate for some times so that your intuition becomes sharper and you’re able to enjoy life calmly.

Ritual Of Rejuvenation

While you enjoy the summer sun, don’t forget to take some time off to refresh and rejuvenate your energies. Practice spiritual rites in the light of the sun and say thank you for all the abundance and prosperity in your life. Here’s an easy ritual to follow:

1. Go to a quiet place without any distractions. Inhale and exhale slowly and deeply till you can feel your link to the energy of the Universe.

2. With your eyes closed and your hands placed on your heart, express your gratitude for all that you have. Acknowledge the blessing that is this life and receive nourishment as you let go of all your anxieties. Welcome the love and power of the universe and allow it to revive you.

This is a ritual you can practice all year round whenever you feel the need to. Gratitude is a way of life and there can never be too much of it.

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