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Arcturus Gateway: Get Ready For A Powerful Wave Of Energies

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by Conscious Reminder

Arcturus is a red massive star visible from the Northern Hemisphere of our planet.

In addition to being one of the brightest stars visible from Earth, Arcturus is also in one of the most prominent constellations in the night sky, the Boötes. According to astronomers, Arcturus will eventually die and become a white dwarf.

The star Arcturus is located close to the tail of the larger bear constellation Ursa Major, thus its Greek name, which means “guardian or protector of the bear” (the Great Bear). At around thirty-seven light-years from Earth, the brilliant star Arcturus is the fourth brightest in the sky.

What Is Arcturus?

Arcturus, a brilliant star, attracted the interest of our ancestors.

Arcturus was the subject of several stories and served as a pointer for travelers for centuries.

Western astrologers see Arcturus as a fortunate star, one imbued with the spirit of success and fortitude. It is promised that success will come to those that put in the effort and are forthright and honest in their dealings.

Arcturus is called Swati in the ancient Vedic astrology texts, which translates to “extremely beneficent.”

Edgar Cayce, the well-known prophet and psychic, got reports from Arcturus claiming the star system was inhabited by a technologically superior extraterrestrial civilization. Various other mediums and shamans have also channeled data from the star.

Those who believe they originated on Arcturus and have a deep bond with the star are known as “Arcturian starseeds.”

Arcturus’ Message To Us

The Acrturians are the alien race with whom some have felt the strongest bonds. Due to the Sun’s alignment with Arcturus, humans are able to absorb the star’s light codes as they travel from Arcturus to Earth and into our cells.

These luminous codes will come in the form of a shaft of dazzling blue light that reaches all the way up to the crowns of our skulls from high above. From the 16th to the 18th of October, picture this blue beam of light traveling through the center of your body.

Experience the uplifting effects of this brilliant blue light as it unlocks your energy gates, links you to the riches everywhere around you, and floods your body with greater satisfaction.

The Arcturians are a cheerful race. They help us see that we are only pawns in a larger “game” and to lighten up a little. When we’re in the midst of it, life has a way of seeming very genuine and gravely important, this is not always the case.

The truth is that due to our inherent limitations, we often fail to notice vital details.

The Arcturians are a peaceful and loving race who have no concept of hatred. This coming solar alignment with Arcturian energy is a perfect opportunity to reflect on the fact that our capacity to love outweighs our capacity to hate.

The ability to hate comes naturally, but the power to love comes from facing our fears. Acceptance and love are the keys to a different kind of strength.

It may be difficult to love someone we perceive to be terrible, harmful, or wicked, but when we do, we begin to heal not just ourselves but also the world.

Nothing is what it appears to be. Therefore, you need to be able to forgive yourself as well. The “misdeeds” you commit in this lifetime may be a part of a larger plan of which you are unaware. The Arcturians wish you luck and loads of love.

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