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Dos & Don’ts During Mars Retrograde 2022

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by Conscious Reminder

You may be aware of the aggravation that comes with Mercury retrograde when communication errors and malfunctions appear to rule the universe. 

Mars moves retrograde about once every two years. Because Mercury is retrograde at this period, you might want to pause before starting some projects because it will drain your energy and produce frustration and roadblocks for your main initiatives.

Of course, life must continue throughout the 11-week Mars retrograde phase despite this strange planetary effect. Undoubtedly, even if it is not the best moment, you will need to make important judgments.

However, you may be organizing significant elective events. When Mars influences your life in a favorable way, it empowers you to act bravely and assertively.

3 Things You Should Avoid Doing

1. Do not Start New Projects – If you start a new project during Mars retrograde, you may experience more irritation than normal trying to get things done. Projects are probably going to peter out or not go as planned.

You will notice that you have less energy than usual, which makes it more difficult to achieve the accomplishment you were hoping for. If you have already begun anything, take your time, reevaluate your objectives, modify your expectations, and overcome any barriers that are impeding progress.

2. Do Not Start New Activities – Mars governs war, therefore refrain from fighting, arguing, or starting one. Mars retrograde is not a good time to start a quarrel or disagreement since the aggressor often retreats or loses. Because there is not a great will or drive to finish the deed.

3. Don’t Buy Mechanical Things – Iron-based objects, like motors and cutting tools, are ruled by Mars. The moment is not right to buy a car or any other mechanical equipment.

Similar to how Mercury retrograde can cause problems with the functioning of vehicles and other machinery, Mars retrograde will cause an increase in the breakdown of computers and other technology.

3 Things You Should Be Doing

1. Excellent Opportunity To Learn What You Want – Mars is the planet of desire. It is not the best time to achieve your goals in the outside world when Mars is retrograde. Internally, though, it is a fantastic moment to identify the “Martian” objects you desire, like a fast new automobile, the newest technological innovation, or even an exhilarating sexual encounter.

The fact that you may not actually want these things after Mars moves direct does not imply that you should act rashly on your wishes. To ensure that you still desire what you want, it is best to wait till then.

2. Resolve Dispute By Compromising – During the Mars retrograde era, a small argument might quickly escalate into a massive uproar. Passions, as well as rage and frustration, may be quite strong.

Instead of obstinately pressing your own agenda, try to discover areas of agreement with the other person.

3. Review Your Goals – Mars Retrograde is a great time to evaluate your life and determine what you want to achieve in terms of your relationships, job, finances, health, spirituality, and sexuality, among other areas. What alterations would bring you greater fulfillment and happiness?

Make plans for the acts you will do when the retrograde is through during this time. Research other jobs, for instance, if your current employment is a dead end. Find new locations to meet a mate for a serious relationship if you are single. Make arrangements to leave an unhealthy relationship if you are in one.

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