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The Best Crystals For Manifesting Your 11:11 Magic

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by Conscious Reminder

In numerology, 11/11’s spiritual meaning stands for intuition, divine connection, and the power of manifesting abundance.

Moreover, it does not only appear on our clocks, every year on 11th November, the fortuitous date comes around.

11/11’s numerology is the perfect chance for focusing on our spiritual journey, dreams, and higher goals. Using crystals on this day is one of the best ways of enhancing your rituals of manifestation.

11th November’s energy is both about re-establishing our Universal connection as well as using the awareness to set goals that are more aligned for ourselves.

In numerology, number 1 stands for achievement. As such, the successive 1s indicate the universal conspiracy is helping you achieve.

Regardless of your experience regarding crystal healing, it is one of the best ways of tuning into a frequency that is higher while mystically boosting your intentions.

The following crystals are the best for 11/11 manifestations and boosting your individual rituals.


Bismuth’s geometrical appearance looks almost fantastical. However, the mystical energy of the crystal is believed to be real. These crystals are known for their power to bring growth and vitality, as well as clear blockages in our paths.

This crystal is commonly used while spiritual journeying. This is ideal for visualization on 11/11. Begin by listing all the things that you want in your life. Then hold the crystal in one hand. Spend about 15 minutes clearly visualizing the exact feeling after the actualization of your goals.

Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz is a mystical stone that is ideal for meditation or ritual work. The stone is believed to help us tune our energies while helping us with the integration of the realm of spirituality with our physical world.

Since 11/11 heightens our intuition, it is a perfect day for doing dream work. Spirit quartz helps with that. Keep the crystal beside you while sleeping on the nights after and before 11th November. It will help in bringing about more meaningful and symbolic dreams. It will be particularly helpful for receiving intuiting insights.


Numerology claims that 11/11 is among the year’s luckiest days. Labradorite makes perfect sense since it is known for its power of connecting us with spiritual energy. It is well-suited for deep meditations, ritual work, or séances.

On 11/11 it becomes easier to establish a connection with our side of spirituality. So all you need to do is hold this crystal in one hand while meditating and try tapping into the subconscious. Keep yourself open to your inner self’s messages. Jot down any insight that may appear to you during the meditation.


Shimmering and golden, pyrite is perfect for manifesting money. Since 11/11 is also a day booming with opportunities, then using pyrite becomes a necessity. This crystal is known for boosting your confidence, allowing better reception, as well as bringing more luck into your life.

Use the crystal to construct an altar of abundance or just place it somewhere in your working space. If you put pyrite on display at home, then use coins, cash, or other stuff symbolizing finance abundance to surround the crystal and construct a lucky abundance altar. Or, placing the stone at your work desk can introduce beneficial vibes to your professional sphere.

Angel Aura Quartz

The energy of this crystal is as colorful and optimistic as its look. It helps us in connecting with positive energy as well as our spirit guide. 11/11 is also called one of the angel numbers, so this crystal’s association with the energy of the angels makes it suitable for the day.

This crystal should be used in your gratitude ritual. Hold it and let yourself fall into a state of meditation. Once your head is clear, list everything you are thankful for. Acknowledging the present abundance will help in forming a mindset that lets in more abundance.  

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