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12/12 Portal: Time For Rebirth & Renewal Of The Soul

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Spiritual purification is the way for you to awaken your higher self. Renewals are the opportunities the universe sends our way to help us commit to this purification process.

Humans are energetic beings who vibrate at certain frequencies. These frequencies have a range that depends on our emotional state. Similarly, the earth, too, vibrates at a range of frequencies that reflect its own state of enlightenment.

It also represents the mass energetic consciousness of all humans collectively occupying the planetary space.

12th December is considered an energetic doorway for intense waves of energy of a higher vibration to pass through. On this special day, we welcome the higher vibrations on our earth that help with the collective awakening.

Just like humans, our planet too wants to sustain itself in the best way possible. This has been shifted to a physical realm now where the higher energetic frequencies of 12/12 can help it in healing.

This is a time of rebirth that has been made easier with the collective heart of the awakened souls. These higher individuals are now working together to spread higher vibrations of love and compassion.

12/12 and Rebirth

12/12 is associated with both rebirth and introspection. When the earth was moving slower, we were more accepting of dense energy. But that is no longer compatible with the enlightened energies. In order for humans to match this higher energy of the earth, we have to purge all negativity and raise our vibrations to match that of the earth.

Let go of past patterns, attitudes that don’t help you grow, and relationships that are holding you back. Do this with the honest desire in your heart to connect with your source and merge with the divine.

This is the time to work on your heart vibrations. Let go of judgment, hurt, insults, fears, doubts, and all negativity. Let higher vibrations of love, kindness, and compassion fill your heart instead. Move on from the higher ego and reach out to the higher source that is rooted in positive vibrations.

Your rebirth means you have to confront those parts of yourself that are yet to transform. Renewal of such proportions may not be apparent initially and can even feel quite uncomfortable. But have an open mind and perceive things with a positive heart.

Rebirth often means revisiting old wounds time and again, but do not despair. Trust that this is the process, and only this is the path to reach your higher self. Don’t give in to fear, shame, and anger. Find the mindset that will allow you to move forward. Clear your energy field, and you will stop the endless loop.

Doing the same things and expecting different results helps no one. Ask for cosmic guidance, ask mother earth. Let them help you raise your vibrations. Make the most of the intense 12/12 energy and review your patterns. Start inspecting your triggers and stop your knee-jerk behavior patterns.

When anger bubbles within, think of why you want to explode. Find the things within that are running you and ruining you. It is the programs within that control these drastic out lashes, but remember that you are always in control of them. Not the other way round.

Let the energy of 12/12 cleanse you of such low vibrations and express your gratitude to the universe.

Go on!

Get busy dusting away those stagnant energies and old patterns.

Welcome the higher energies and step into a new you!

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