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The Spiritual Cause That Lies Hidden Behind Diabetes

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by Conscious Reminder

Apart from emotional and mental issues like stress, anxiety and depression causing physical health problems, many people believe that spiritual or emotional causes might also cause illnesses.

Spiritual Cause of Diabetes

Most illnesses are caused by distance from God and not loving yourself. Let’s see how it causes the two types of diabetes.

Spiritual Cause Behind Type 1 Diabetes

This kind of diabetes is mainly the result of spiritual and mental issues. To be more specific, reasons like not loving yourself, hating yourself, self-revenge, self-sabotage, guilt, self-harm; basically when you fail to love yourself, end up hating yourself and resort to harming yourself. In this situation the body decides to destroy itself by creating an auto-immune disease.

The only medicine for Type 1 diabetes is loving yourself. You need to invest more time and effort into taking care of yourself, physically and emotionally. It’s important to be very confident, brave and love yourself truly.

You should accept yourself the way you are and be proud of it. Respect yourself and let no one demean you or lower your worth. It’s beneficial to practice meditation, yoga and spiritual healing techniques to truly understand the inner you.

Spiritual Cause Behind Type 2 Diabetes

This is mainly the result of anxiety but can also be caused by low self-confidence, fear, panic and stress. Most often, immense fear of failure and being a disappointment leads to type 2 diabetes. Negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself adversely affect your physical and mental health.

The most effective solution to these problems is to get involved in a spiritually motivating and inspirational course. You should understand God and His Love and Care for you, absorb His Divine Light. You must believe that you have a spiritual purpose in life and have courage.

Most importantly it’s crucial for you to understand that people across the world have been cured from diabetes and many other diseases by believing in God’s healing. One just needs to be accepting and rekindle their untainted faith in the Almighty.

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