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Full Moon Effect: Do Full Moons Make You Feel Worn Out?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Recently someone messaged me asking why they get exhausted when it’s time for the full Moon.

They’d heard that the full Moon is supposed to be about magic, power and energy but every time one rolled around, that person would be tired and their head would ache all the time. They wished to see if I could help them in any way and whether others felt the same way.

The truth is that there are quite a few others who share a similar experience of the full moon and this is because they are empaths.

If you’re blessed with empathy and can sense the true emotions of those around you, you’ll be reacting to the energies radiated by those whose vibrations are aligning with that of the Full Moon. That energy is rebounding of you because of your heightened sensitivity.

While it can be a wonderful time full of magic and energy, with your level of sensitivity, you have to know how it affects you as an individual and take the necessary precautions to protect yourself.

In my opinion, the best protection you can seek is the White Light of the Divine. It will protect you spiritually and ensure that you block out the feelings of others for that time.

On the day prior to the night of the Full Moon, keep drinking as much water as possible because it will help you ground yourself.

Take a long walk and renew your bonds with nature. Cast away your slippers and allow the grounding process to take places.

It is necessary that you are grounded and centered for the time before the Full Moon and you stay that way even for a period after it is done. All empaths must take the time to do this so that they don’t feel exhausted and ill.

Don’t worry too much and keep in mind that it is only natural for you as an empath to sense all this energy. There’s a lot of power in the Full Moon and it can affect every single person around you.

The effects are so wide spread that crisis centers, emergency rooms and station houses actually put up notices knowing that they will have a busy time with many people acting irrationally.

Just remember to do your protection ritual and you will soon find yourself experiencing the Full Moon in a very different way.

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