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What Does Seeing A Shooting Star Represent?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

According to popular wisdom, seeing a shooting star means that we should make a wish and then, the wish is going to become true.

This is something which was passed to people from their parents, as well as grandparents, and they received it from their parents or grandparents.

The reality is that making a wish when we see a shooting star is probably not going to come true. Our Universe is not working in that way.

However, there is probably some reason for this belief. For example, when witnessing a shooting star, it really means something – actually, it is a signal which our Universe sends us.

Then, we will probably ask ourselves what, in fact, is the thing that shooting star represents?

Releasing a dream soon.

Well, we said that making a wish when we see a shooting star is not going to work. However, when it appears, and when we are witnesses of it, it indicates that there will be a realization of some dream which we are holding near our heart very soon.

There is no need of wishing, but simply of recognizing the sign.

Things like promotion on which we worked, a project which we did with our entire heart, or a relationship for which we tried hard to make it the best, will be released soon.

In fact, shooting stars are messengers from our Universe to go after such things.

A contact with a spirit.

There are some other reasons why we may be witnesses of shooting stars, and one of them is the different type of messages wholly, although their content is probably similar. 

Shootings stars can be messages from people that passed away. This is usually the case when we think of that person at the moment when that shooting star occurs.

Thinking about a loved person, we actually establish some kind of psychic link and connection with that person. We can only enjoy being with them or also ask them some questions.

When those that passed away want to send you some messages of hope, comfort, as well as encouragement, the shooting star is one of the common ways, they will do that.

A cosmic shove.

In the end, shooting stars may be more practical things – a cosmic shove on our spiritual journeys.

The reason why we have always been told to make a wish when we notice a shooting star is straightforward – as it has a fleeting nature that it will give us just a few seconds in order to think about and make our wish.

In those few seconds, we will find out what we really want in life. Not the wants of the physical mind, but those of the soul for the authentic journey. So, without having the needed time to really think about, the soul is going to reveal to us undoubtedly.

In fact, this is the true gift or shooting stars – they give us the chance to discover our deepest desires in just a few seconds.

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