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Harness the Power of the New Moon to Charge & Cleanse Your Crystals

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by Conscious Reminder

Get ready for a breathtaking event—the New Moon in Cancer, a nurturing, sensitive, and compassionate sign. It’s the perfect moment to embrace the power of crystals and give them a thorough cleanse or charge, ensuring their energy remains vibrant for the months ahead.

During the New Moon, you have an exceptional opportunity to:

  • Clear and release the crystal’s built-up energy.
  • Charge the crystal with positive energy and manifestations to make it more powerful.

Using the New Moon for Crystal Clearing

Since the New Moon is a time of letting go and starting over, it is the ideal time to remove any old or stuck energy from your crystals.

It’s crucial to cleanse your crystal both upon initial acquisition and after extensive use, as they absorb energy from their environment. This is particularly true for those who have worked with a crystal and seen the manifestation happen in their real lives.

Even if your crystal has just been sitting on your altar or shelf for a while, it may retain stuck energy, so cleaning it periodically is necessary for it to perform at its best.

Crystals that haven’t been cleansed can break easily and be hard to work with.

Anytime during the New Moon, just leave your crystal outside near a window to clean it. The New Moon’s energy can then clean the crystal.

You will need to check the New Moon schedule for your area to find out when it will be at its brightest, but you could leave it out the day before too.

For a New Moon cleansing, you can leave the crystal out for up to four days after the New Moon’s peak, but one to two days should be sufficient.

To make the cleansing even stronger, you might want to place your crystal on a piece of selenite or quartz. These stones can help your crystal let go of all the energy that has been building up.

Although some crystals are sensitive to water and may break, you can also smudge or run them under water.

Using the New Moon to Charge a Crystal

Charging a crystal on the New Moon night allows it to absorb the energy of the moon for the next several weeks or months, making it easier to work with crystal healing.

At the time of the New Moon, many people make resolutions to start over at the New Moon. They help us release and purge pent-up energy, events, and situations, allowing us to finally let go.

The New Moon is a great time to charge crystals so you can use them for releasing energy and making a clean slate in your life.

If you are aware that a new phase is beginning in your life, you can find it helpful to charge your crystal on the New Moon. This will assist you in navigating the changes that are ahead.

There is no restriction on the type of crystal you can charge; however, the vibration will be slightly different depending on the crystal you select.

You must cleanse your crystal before charging it. For a crystal cleanse, try smudging it or placing it on some selenite or quartz. On the New Moon night, you can cleanse your crystal and then charge it up over the following few days.

The four days following the New Moon’s peak are ideal for charging and cleansing your crystal, because this is when the energy is most intense.

Once you’ve cleansed the crystal, holding it in your hands and directing your intention toward it will charge it. For maximum effectiveness, we recommend imbuing your crystal with a “feeling” of your intention.

You can help the crystal charge more effectively by keeping it near you and sleeping with it next to your bed for the next several days.

In the coming weeks, you can use the crystal to navigate life’s highs and lows.

Happy New Moon!!!

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