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Mercury “Retroshade” Is Almost as Chaotic as the Actual Mercury Retrograde

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by Conscious Reminder

There’s a cosmic reason you might experience brain fog or misunderstandings with friends, family, or coworkers in the weeks leading up to (and following) Mercury’s dreaded retrograde.

Yes, the planet of communication causes havoc for a few weeks at a time at various times throughout the year, but as it turns out, the weeks before and after Mercury’s retrograde—known in astrology as the shadow period—can be just as vulnerable to the planet’s celestial antics.

In general, we feel things slow down during the pre-Mercury retrograde shadow period. The post-Mercury retrograde, on the other hand, causes things to speed up again. And, while these changes are taking place, you might find yourself in a funk.

Here’s what to expect during the Mercury retrograde shadow period, as well as how to navigate its turbulent energy.

What is Mercury “Retroshade”?

Retroshade may sound like the title of a pop music album, but it’s so much more than a planetary buzzword! The shadow period, which occurs approximately two weeks before and after Mercury retrograde, is an especially perplexing time, filled with some of the same mishaps and malfunctions you’d expect from Mercury’s periodic rewind. When Mercury slows, we are more prone to miscommunication and technological issues. Expect technical glitches, slowdowns, and miscommunications between friends during Mercury retrograde’s pre- and post-shadow periods.

The hiccups you feel during the shadow period preceding Mercury retrograde can foreshadow the effects you’ll feel once it begins. For example, if you’re experiencing conflict in your relationship at this time, you’ll likely notice this theme when Mercury begins to slow down and appear to move backward. The post-shadow phase is all about tying up loose ends and resolving conflicts that arose during the retrograde period.

When is the Shadow Period for the upcoming Mercury Retrograde in August 2024?

The two weeks before Mercury Retrograde in Virgo and Leo: July 16-August 4

The two weeks after Mercury Retrograde in Virgo and Leo: August 28–September 11

How to Prepare for the Mercury Retrograde Shadow Period

While no one is immune to Mercury retrograde’s mischievous antics, its shadow period can serve as a compass to help you navigate its turbulent waters. Pay attention to your surroundings in the weeks leading up to Mercury retrograde; this will help you understand the themes and motifs that will emerge, allowing you to be better prepared. On the other hand, expect technical hiccups and misunderstandings during the post-shadow period as the communication planet catches up.

Having said that, the shadow period that follows Mercury retrograde is an excellent time to reflect on what you’ve learned and how you’ve grown during Mercury’s backspin.

Now that you’re aware of the shadow period, you can better navigate it—and perhaps even make it through Mercury retrograde, one of the most intense periods in the astrological calendar, with minimal harm.

Keep an eye out for possible messages from the universe, and exercise extra caution with your technology and communications.

You have the opportunity to protect yourself from unnecessary drama.

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