Full Crow Moon In Virgo On March 1st ∼ Time For Deep Mind, Body And Soul Cleanse

by Conscious Reminder 

The Full Moon of March will occur on the very first day of the month and will be at 11 degrees in the sign of Virgo.

There is a stark opposition to Neptune and therefore there is a prediction of sleuth and deception, especially in relationships arising out of negative habits and so on. Thankfully, things are not as bleak as they sound, owing to a rather favorable aspect made with Saturn, all these problems can be dealt with through self discipline, determination and patience.

What is the Meaning behind the Full Moon?

A Full Moon occurs when the moon is directly opposite to the sun. This means that all the binaries in life come in stark contrast with each other. And you might feel challenged in dealing with these binaries, your work life and home, your hobbies versus your duties and so on.

But the Full Moon also means that the qualities which are associated with the moon, such as emotions and instincts are at their peak. With luck you’d be able to use them for your benefit and maintain a harmony in your relationships.

The Astrology of the March Full Moon

The Full Moon of March belongs to the constellation of Leo. It will be at 11°23′ in the Virgo sign. Located very near to it at 11°34′ Virgo, is the fixed star by the name of Zosma. The conjunction of Moon with Zosma is slightly problematic, on the one hand it brings heightened vision and instincts, but on the other it also makes you more susceptible to depression.

The constellation Leo has the significance of royalty. Royal events or those of similar significance are said to take place during this time.


The Full Moon being in opposition to Neptune means that your natural instincts will be clouded over negatively by inner fears which will cause you problems. Therefore any activities which include psychic components such as stances should be avoided at any cost.

Your emotions too would be riding a high and you might get your judgment colored because of them. Make a conscious effort to not get overwhelmed by your own emotions and thereby misconstrue what the other person is trying to convey.

Also be careful to not idealize someone to such an extent that you become blind to their flaws. This Full Moon being opposite to Neptune and near to Zosma might bring on depression and anxiety, addictions and over sensitivity. Avoid drugs or alcohol, and pay extra attention your health if you feel anything is off.

Thankfully the trine with Saturn brings some much needed positivity in life and gives the patience to deal with the emotional trauma engulfing your life. Saturn helps you in feeling grounded when it seems that everything that could go wrong is doing so. During this time, rely more on your logic and rational mind rather than your instincts because they are going through a lot.

To Sum It Up

This is a time when your negative emotions and feelings will come in the limelight. You will have to tread carefully if you want to avoid the repercussions. The presence of Saturn is a welcome change which will give you determination and stability to maneuver through this tough time.

Art by Karol Bak

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