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5 Most Effective Crystals To Amplify The Full Moon Energy

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The new full moon is approaching and it will be good to know a few quite important things for those who want to use the moon’s energy for their own benefit.

There are many methods to use the energy of the universe, trough many spiritual practices and teachings, but there is one interesting method that is becoming very popular around the world- the using of energy crystals.

There are a couple of full moon crystals and their energy and effects are simply astonishing. First of all, it is important to know how to use the empowering crystals.

How To Use Full Moon Crystals

There are many ways to use crystals during the full moon ranging from quick and lighthearted to more thorough and deeply intentional. Here are a few examples:

Place the crystal you chose under your pillow during the night of the full moon to unlock the moon’s power in your dream world. This may lead to you having intuitive dreams full of messages.

Place a crystal (or a few) under the moonlight for them to charge overnight. Set an intention of what energy you would like to amplify. For example, if you have manifested great abundance during this moon cycle, ask the stone to be charged with the energy of abundance to bring it with you into the next moon cycle.

The day of the full moon, carry a crystal in your pocket. It will serve as a reminder for you to harvest you full moon manifestations and stay in tune with that energy throughout the day.

During your full moon ritual or meditation, keep a stone of your choosing next to you, or hold it in your hands. It will help you go deeper into your spiritual practice and gather the moon’s energy.

These are the full moon crystals:


This crystal’s power is already determined in it’s loud and clear effect- working with the energy and the auras all around you, making your own energy go through certain phases until forming a glorious celestial body. This crystals will significantly raise the level of your frequency vibrations and will help you find spiritual, emotional and physical balance. Could be used during new or full moon and it’s one of the most mysterious crystals on Earth.


This is a crystal with strong energy, but it works as a chameleon. Be cautious with this stone, it’s like a chameleon, if you spread negativity, it will radiate negativity and won’t be able to have any cleansing power over yourself, your home and family. It is equally powerful at amplifying the abundance that you have manifested and at clearing what did not work out while purifying you for the next phase. Whether it is harvesting manifestations or letting go, clear quartz is your new best friend.


This stone will give you the power to let go, to clean your soul and recharge your energy. Many people hold big burdens, they struggle with their past or have issues to relax, to recharge their energy, find solid purpose in life or move on. This stone will help you if you’re part of this group.During the full moon, it can receive the intention to increase the full moon’s harvest or to clear any blockages and help you let go of the past that no longer serves you. It will recharge you, your energy field, and all your chakras to step into the next phase of the moon with your full power and unlimited potential.


As amazing as the full moon is, it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed. That is because the moon tries to take you out of your body into the incredible cosmos. If the energy is too strong and your crown chakra is to open to the energies flooding in, your root chakra may be unbalanced. This does happen, and there is an easy fix—a grounding stone.


This is the most special stone of them all. It is believed that his stone helps us evoke the magical spirit, the buried emotions and visions from the days when our souls were completely clean, when we were children. This stone has purifying and healing effects, spreads energy that helps us secure tranquility and peace inside our homes.

Source: Spiritsciencecentral

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