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7 Steps To Becoming A Spiritual Magnet For Success

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Believe it or not, there is a scientific approach to spiritual magnetism. These steps below will set you on the right track, no matter what it is you seek ?

1) Listen to your soul

When the soul gives you a calling and it’s your unique signature and essence. Surrender to the simplicity and flow of your soul, and you will never be unhappy.

2) Develop emotional self-mastery

Being too emotional or too sensitive will distract you and ultimately hurt your progress; that’s why you need to develop a thick skin. Over time, passion will develop for your life path IF you stick with it and find little successes along the way.

Emotions pull us in a million different directions — stay the path!

3) See the big picture

Whatever you do, don’t lose track of the big picture. Getting stuck on the small things is almost a guarantee that you won’t get what you want out of life. Stay focused and organized, and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

4) Stay with your truth

Once you’re on a dedicated path, stay there. Sometimes negative influences, such as friends and family, can weigh you down affect your results. Find people who support you and stay with them.

5) Keep your head clear

Affirmations and visualization support and inspire you on your journey like nothing else. Still the mind through meditation. Nurture a restful and clear mind by caring for it like you would a beautiful garden.

6) Act!

Remember this phrase: keep on keeping on.

This is an excellent mantra and illustrates everything you need to know about the path to success. You must keep striving — constantly. And if you happen to fail in some of your endeavors, just be ready to learn from them. They give the greatest lessons you need to know. One of the best things you can do is set small goals for yourself in order to build confidence. This will help you dissolve self-confidence and limiting beliefs.

And remember: the only thing more daunting than taking action is taking no action at all. The bigger the actions/risks, the greater the results.

7) Let Go

The final, and possibly the most important step, is to let go of the outcome — especially if you’ve been taking deliberate steps toward your goals. The universe doesn’t respond to obsessive attachment as much as does to a “desireless desire”. That is, your goals are priorities, but they do not consume your happiness.

This is the art of spiritual patience.

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