Psychologists Think That ADHD And ADD Sufferers Might Actually Be Indigo Children


American psychologists say children diagnosed as ADHD or ADD sufferers may actually be Indigo Children.

A great number of medical professionals have dismissed the traditional ADHD diagnoses associated with long – term social and behavioral health problems and took side with the parents who said that their children have supernatural powers. reports:

VICE’s Gavin Haynes went to New York to meet Indigo Children born in the 1990s to understand more about them, how they feel, and about their perceived psychic gifts.

On this journey for answers, Haynes gets his aura read, undergoes a holistic dentistry examination by a mother and daughter Indigo pair and meets the rap duo “The Underachievers” that preach Indigoism as a way of life.

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The Behavior Of Indigo Children

  • They are born knowing they are unique and deserve to be valued.
  • They understand that they are here for a reason and expect you to understand that too.
  • Indigos are aware of their worth.
  • They don’t settle for absolute authority, or having no choices. The educational or hierarchical systems are good examples of that.
  • Indigo children can’t follow the same rules we did as children. They are rebellious.
    They believe that everything should be given creative thought and don’t fit into strict systems.
  • Usually are quiet because they feel misunderstood and lost, unless they are with other indigos.
    Trying to scare these children with old control methods like – “Wait till your father gets home” has no effect on them.
  • It’s important their personal needs to be fulfilled.

    Rainbow Children

Inside The Strange, Psychic World Of Indigo Children

Characteristics Of An INDIGO Child/Adult

Characteristics Of An Indigo Child As Stated In The Care And Feeding Of Your Child

  • Born in 1978 or later
  • Determinate
  • Stubborn
  • Have creative touch for music, poetry, art, jewelry making, etc.
  • Fond to addictions
  • An old soul, as if they are 13 going on 30
  • Possibility of seeing angels, dead people, or other types of energies. They are psychic and very intuitive
  • Willing to help the world
  • Get easily bored
  • Are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD
  • Prone to nightmares, insomnia, restless sleep or difficulty of falling asleep
  • Having attempts or thoughts of suicide. Are often depressed
  • Seek for true, loyal friends and lasting friendships
  • Easily bond with plants or animals
  • They may be constantly asking for money but they are proud and independent
  • An isolationist, either through aggressive acting – out through fragile introversion

Having 14 or more of these may be a sign that you are an indigo. From 11 – 13 it may be a sign that you are an indigo in training. If you are an adult with these signs you might be a lightworker.

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  1. I am the Keeper of the Light, so basicly I reignite light workers before their embers out. We have always been aware that the belief we are sick is untrue. My sons are all INDIGO. I have built the “Lighthouse”
    which is refugue for lightworkers and a training camp for Indigos. It is about time the rest of the world embraced us

  2. I can relate to all these characteristics too. I was born in 1960 & have just started being treated for ADD again.

  3. I have fit all the categories of Indigo Child/Adult but I am Libra-born in 1977. What is the significance of the cut-off date?

    • The cut off is because the era of indigo is from 79 to a certian year, then you step into an era of the same kind of “children” but they have a differint title. The same i reverse as in before 79 was an era as well

  4. Jeeze I’m like everything on that list. My son has autism and seems to be gifted in some ways as well. I’m curious if he is indigo or Something like it Too.

  5. The need for handout money, self importance, entitlement and expectations of the world appreciating them doesn’t really seem like an Indigo unless it’s the dark side. ADD and addiction isn’t a given either. Their definition of Indigo is different than I’ve ever seen.

  6. I have many of these characteristics, except that “Wait till your father gets home” DID terrify me, because my father terrorized me. Perhaps because of that, I have tried to fit into a hierarchical system, with some success, working in government for the last 27 years. I feel just dying inside most of the time, though, and am only happy when I’m around people who appreciate me for who I am and not just what I can do. This description and the descriptions of Crystal children really apply to anyone when they start waking up.

  7. Information explaining the characteristics of indigos is correct except for one thing: they started being born in 1968, not 1978. Indigos are the parents of rainbow children who were starting to be born in 1999.


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