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What To Do When There Is A Big Age Gap Between Twin Flames

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by Conscious Reminder

Twin Flame relationships are a rocky road to maneuver because of their complexities.

Being in such a high intensity relationship, there are many obstacles that the Twin Flames face which cannot be fathomed by those who haven’t experienced this bond. One of the many challenges of this relationship is the high probability of there being a massive age gap between the two Twin Flames.

It’s more frequent than you’d think and it can be quite detrimental to the relationship unless the two people involved are willing to work on it. For them to get over their differences, they first need to understand why this age Gap is sometimes inevitable.

The age gap in retrospect

Sure it seems like a big deal if you are in your 20’s and your Twin Flames is well into their 40’s.  But if you can take a step back and think about your souls, which are thousands of years old, 20 years would feel like the blink of an eye. Not just that, our Twin Flames cannot be too early or too late. He or she is exactly on time for us.

Maturity of individuals

If you can move beyond the concept of physical age and think of the mental age of people, you’d find that there won’t be any difference at all. This is because different individuals mature at different age. And mental compatibility is much more important than physical age when it comes to having a prosperous relationship.

It is important to understand that the two new flames meet each other at exactly the right time. They are here to help each other overcome blocks and achieve spirituality together. To this end they meet exactly when they need each other the most.

In case the age gap is too much to ignore:

However, there has been incidents where the age gap between the Twin Flames was really insurmountable. In such cases, it is impossible to have a sexual and/or marital component to the relationship.

That doesn’t mean that the relationship becomes invalid. The purpose of a Twin Flames relationship is much more expansive than just carnal pleasures. And thus, it doesn’t lose its importance even if it is solely platonic.

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