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4 Spiritual Self-Care Practices For Energy Workers

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By Athena l Sage Goddess

Those who do magic, energy healing, reiki, massage, and aromatherapy all share one thing in common – we interact on a deep subconscious and vibrational level with the energy of others on a regular basis. What does that mean?

We’re connecting on a whole other level, becoming exposed to many emotions, experiences, and expectations of those who receive our work. Sometimes it’s not our clients – it’s just the woman next to us in line at the grocery store whose energy is so strong it’s merging with ours, in positive or negative ways. Or family members whose energy is draining us because of illness, conflict, or other challenge. Or it can even be our own stuff, baggage we’re carrying that on a soul level we long to leave behind.

So what can we do to hold our own space and still give openly to others?

Spiritual self-care practices help keep our own energy intact – not to avoid that of others or shield ourselves, but to maintain the integrity of the energy we have to offer; otherwise, we will be trying to draw water from a dry well. Below are my favorite self-care tips for lightbringers who do intense energy work. I’d love for you to add to the list in your comments.

1. Stay grounded.

When doing energy work, be aware of your feet. When you feel overloaded or depleted, this can be as simple as wiggling your toes. Maintain your literal connection to the earth below you. And use your name as well – speaking your full birth name out loud is very grounding.

2. Breathe.

When energies around us are intense, many studies have shown that we stop breathing as an intuitive response to stress. Follow your breath on the inhale and exhale. Exhale loudly enough so you can hear it. Fill your entire diaphragm with air and then let it go in one loud aaaaaaahhhhhhh of an exhale.

3. Use the tools.

Gemstones like onyx, kyanite, and smoky quartz are protective of the bearer. They pull dissonant or negative energies in and transmute them. I anoint with scent using my Sanctus oil, which is protective and also clears energy around me without smudging by placing one drop on each of my 7 chakra points. Always smudge with sage or palo santo in smoke or hydrosol form before and after energy work, even if it’s remote (like a telephone reading or e-course).

4. Project or release the energies.

This is more complex. When I’m extremely challenged by another’s energy, I do one of two things – I either channel the tension into an object (something I can burn easily, like a small dry leaf or piece of paper) and then burn it. This is an easy and very effective release. Or, alternatively, I use my “mirror technique”: Placing my hand up in the other person’s direction (even broadly, north south east or west) I imagine that the palm of my hand is a mirror and I reflect back to that individual all the energy they are sending to me. This is my favorite tip of all, because if the energy they are sending is in fact positive, they will get all that positivity reflected back to them! But if it’s not, well, they will get a very strong dose of their own medicine and I will be buffered from it.

I hope these tips are helpful to you as you bring your gifts forward in the world and share them with others. I send you bright blessings of self-care and protection.


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