The Fear Adrenaline Rush: Why We Love To Tell Ghost Stories & Watch Horror Movies

by Conscious Reminder

Almost every person loves great horror or ghost stories. Each year, there are nearly 100 newly released horror movies – earning over $2 billion – and it looks like people cannot scare themselves enough. Why on earth a lot of individuals make a decision to scare themselves foolishly every year?

In order to give the answer to this question, we have to take a look at our forefathers. It was said that they lived in quite dangerous environments. More than 2.5 million years ago, there have actually been about 18 predators which hunted human beings in the East African’s savannahs, a lot of them which attacked during the night.

Even though we surely don’t know the exact number of the ancestors who died attacked by predators, today, there are one in ten members belonging to the tribe Aché from Paraguay who get killed by the jaguars there, almost every time during the night.

The fear of people, particularly one of darkness, actually has profound roots and also left some profound scars on the territory of humans.

The reaction of people to fears is their ‘fight to flight’ response.

Their pupils will dilate, their heart will race, and their blood will rush to their muscles in order to prepare them for fight or the retreat which comes.

Actually, this is a response which people experience when they feel some fear of something. This response to fear occurs as ‘hair trigger,’ as the real cost of some false alarms is smaller than the one of failing even to respond.

Even these days, people frequently go into the so-called high alert when they see spiders or even hear some sounds of crackling leaves somewhere in the darkness. So, can horror stories or movies elicit this same response to fear? If they can, why people continue reading or watching them?

Actually, the answer is in those relieves people experience when they survive such attacks, or find themselves alive when the horror story or movie is over. This has been tested with one woman, that was known as SM, and who actually did not have the ability to experience any fear as her brain was damaged.

The woman watched several clips from some horror movies, and instead of being afraid, she said that those were entertaining and exciting clips, and she suggested that instead of being scared, people may experience some more pleasant emotions.

People will learn that they don’t have to be afraid of everything in their environment, which is going to allow them to focus better on what they see as real and bigger threats.

So, the first reason why people continue telling stories about ghosts or come back to horror movies, over and over, is that they will actually experience the fun of the fear when they know that they are completely safe.

People also concluded that scaring themselves makes them jump in their seats or their heart pounds out of their chests, and they also know they are sage in that campfire or theatre. They, unlike their forefathers, experience fear and also live to talk about it.

Simply, it is our nature which we actually evolved in order to enjoy every feeling which is connected with dear, or it may also be that people create horrors in order to help them cope with some real fears in their lives. 

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