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The Most Beautiful Meteor Shower Of The Year – 2017 Taurid Meteor Shower Peaks TONIGHT

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We’re all in luck, because it’s time for the annual Taurids meteor shower.

What better occasion to bring some close friends and family together than a meteor shower? Call up your closest friends because the most mesmerizing meteor shower in history is happening on November 10th!

The nights might be getting longer, but it seems like there’s no end of astronomical events to keep them interesting.

This weekend marks the peak of the Taurid meteor shower, which comes from the debris of the comet Encke.

Although it’s not as active as the better-known Orionids or Perseids meteor shower, it’ll still give watchers a chance to get out and see shooting stars.

Roughly 15 meteors are expected per hour and, as ever, the best chance of seeing them is to get a wide field of view with as little light pollution as possible.

What is the Taurid meteor shower?

Named after the fact they appear to radiate from the constellation of Taurus, the meteor shower occurs because of the debris scattered from a distant comet.

The remnants of Encke’s Comet comes into contact with Earth’s atmosphere and burns up in a dazzling bright light we refer to as a shooting star. Encke’s Comet has one of the shortest orbits of any known comet, circling the sun every 3.3 years.

It’s believed that these remnants may even come from a much larger comet that broke apart years and years ago.


When is the best time to see the Taurid meteor shower?

It might not be particularly active, but the Taurid meteor shower takes place over a longer period – stretching from mid-October through into mid-November.

From November 5th to November 12th is usually the most active period, according to Space.com , making this weekend the best chance you’ll have to see some meteors.

Where can I see them?

As long as the skies are clear, you won’t have to look in any specific direction to see the meteors.

Taurus starts low in the east as night falls but is almost overhead in the Northern Hemisphere by the middle of the night. You can find it to the right of the star sign Orion.

The best way to try and catch shooting stars is to wrap up warm and take some kind of reclining chair so you can lie back and peer upwards.

The Taurids meteor shower radiates times of spiritual healing, growth, and development. Perhaps you can meditate while watching the event unfold. It is going to be a very energetic time in our universe!

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