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Tonight Is The New Moon in Gemini And There’s No Limit To Your Dreams— Get Ready For Fresh Beginnings!

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New Moons happen when the Moon and Sun align at an identical position in our sky. In this way, the Moon has hidden away, and that brings darkness during the night.

Right when these two join their hands, they will rebirth one another and start another new cycle. The new cycle often holds promises of empowerment, change, and growth. It is the chance to start rebuilding ourselves and start again.

While Full Moons are more noticeable, on the sky, and also on the levels of emotions, New Moons are as potent as they work on the inside, and more profound layers of our souls.

We can’t see New Moons, but on the levels of our souls, the energies will work us, recharge us, and help us draw in everything we desire from our own lives. They draw things to us, and that’s why they represent potent and powerful times for imagining, manifesting, and setting our intentions.

The following month will open itself with the New Moon in the sign of Gemini, happening on June, the 3rd. This lunar cycle will be all about communication, self-expression, and truth.

The New Moon will draw us to work on the expressing of our feelings and clearing our truth. Under its darkness, we will also feel encouraged to take some action in various areas in our lives.

Although New Moons usually cause people to retreat in their souls and hearts’ shadows, the Gemini New Moon will champion them to get everything done and champion us.

There could also be some things during this New Moon, which will encourage us and motivate us to make decisions, act, and put our feet down.

We could also need to take responsibility and step up for everything we want. For instance, if there’s something that we would like to speak up about or communicate, this New Moon is going to support us in order to find our strength and courage.

While this New Moon in the sign of Gemini is excellent for all those forms of communication and self-expression, we may also need to be quite mindful about the ways we choose in order to communicate or what the truths we would like to share with other people are.

Communication is a form of art which involves good and careful listening. Usually, we are listening only to respond, and we get wrapped up in what we think and feel so that we forget about really paying attention to everything that the other individual says.

In fact, when we aren’t present in a moment, and we do not give our attention to the person we talk with, it will make mindful or effective communication quite more difficult to accomplish.

While we are not able to force a person to listen carefully to us and understand us better, we can learn how to listen to all those signs and clues around us.

When we listen and observe, there will be more space for some other senses we have to appear, particularly our intuitive ones which can sometimes be softer and quieter than our own mind.

We aren’t limited to the five senses we have, but within us, we can tap into more ethereal senses like our psychic, telepathic, or intuitive senses. Although these abilities are always on offer for us, under this New Moon in Gemini, they are going to be sharpened, easier to work with, and heightened.

Under this dark Gemini New Moon in June, we should not hide ourselves away from our true powers, and we should not squash down our emotions, and ignore the nudges and gentle pulls of our heart.

We should utilize this energy in order to speak up, rise up, and stand up for everything we believe in. We should use this energy in order to take full responsibility and action for everything we like to create and for the reality we would like to be in.

We aren’t alone on the planet. Making connections, listening to the stories of others, sharing our own stories was always the humanity and society’s foundation.

We should get ourselves back to such things, back to story time, and back to opening ourselves about our journeys, about who we actually are, and about everything that inspires us.

We should find the needed confidence in order to share our truth, talk about the strengths and weaknesses we have, and even celebrate all those stories that others told us, for listening and sharing is how we grow, change, and inspire this world.

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